Most Enchanting Travel Destinations of My Life

I love traveling, since it means so much in my life; traveling is part of me. I have visited plenty of places on this planet and discovered so much that remained secrete to me for many years. I love to know about ancient development plus much about unique species of animals and plants. To know about the world to me, it is life, it is the reason why I was created and I will do just everything in my means to satisfy my desire when tours are concerned.

Because of my utmost concern about the world wonderful places, I have identified places with unique attractions, which are worthy to mention. These places made my tour awesome and highly memorable. They always give me a desire of going back there. I am sure everybody who love unique attractions will love to visit these places.

Israel You will love the uniqueness and age of attractions found here.

Jerusalem: Surely, I know everybody have heard something about this old city. It is the capital city of Israel, hosting three main religion; Judaism, Christianity and Islamic. There is something about this city that made me smile; the old walls dated back to ottoman period including holy western wall. Dome rock and Holy Sepulchre left me amazed with their uniqueness and beauty.

Masada: This is a plateau located in south east Israel which was inhibited by 1000 people and known for mass suicide of people who rejected to submit to Romans. It is very beautiful and enshrines so much about ancient settlement development. Other unique places I loved in Israel include Yad Vashem museum and Galilee.

France Just from her capital I was amazed with her beauty.

Paris: you will love to visit unique and most attractive places found in this city and incomparable to any other in the world. There is something I found unique about this place stretching from Eiffel tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, and Sacre-Coeur to Jardi du Luxembourg. Simply, there is no a city in the world with unique and attractive architectural design like this other special and most attractive places found in France include: beautiful mount St. Michel, French Riviera and unique Loire valley.


I love the combination of attractions plus diversity and uniqueness that she has. I love being part of adventurous sport activities that are found in this country too. Just from majestic Kansas City, MO to central coast of California the thrilling attraction amazed me. I loved my first experience of scuba diving in one of Hawaiian island since it was wonderful. Nearly all states of USA have something unique that thrill the visitor always.


This Nation is special in what she offers. I found my visit to some unique places around Canada amazing. I loved the uniqueness of Niagara Falls, it is beautiful. The ice sheet of rocky mountain looked amazing and sporty. Other amazing places found in Canada includes, CN tower, lake Ontario and war museum. Surely they are lovely.

United Kingdom

I loved the beauty of this cave and I proved it is real not only found in movies. It is located in Scottish highland. Scottish island is indeed pretty; covered with plenty of ice sheet, it looks beautiful. If you love beach activity and relaxation, then Maldives is for you; it is really unique and beautiful.


You will love this place; surely if you are looking for unique place for special activities then this is the country for you to tour. I loved the shapes of her islands. The Hamilton symbolizes love. And if you have never seen unique penguins with their crazy lifestyle then Philips is for you this is the best place with awesome tropical climate. Australia is indeed best just for everyone who loves diversity and uniqueness.

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