What is really going on in the Middle East – Part II: Israel’s Tough Neighborhood

Israel is not the enemy of Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular. I live in Israel for all my life, and I have been educated for peace as the supreme value of life, second only to life itself, since I was in kindergarten. So, how should we understand the war between Israel and Gaza? Well, after a long restraint of Israel against HAMAS terrorism, which included the establishing of a belligerent infrastructure that HAMAS has built in Gaza during those years, HAMAS felt that they are “ready” and started, on the beginning of July 2014, firing about 100 rockets daily towards peaceful Israeli towns and villages. That happened after many years of continuous HAMAS terror against Israel. Despite this treacherous attack, Israel continued to restraint itself for many days; the Prime-Minister of Israel urged HAMAS to stop firing, declaring that “No aggression will be reciprocated by no aggression”, but HAMAS – like all terrorist organizations – interpreted these words as a sign of weakness, and continued their murderous hostility for days and days. Israel had to defend its citizens. Every sane country would have reacted much sooner than Israel did. So, excuse us for defending our lives… You'd do the same.

The bitter and cynical truth is that the rogue terror-organizations of radical extremist Islam are paving their way towards realizing their desired world dominance by inciting the poor Arab crowds, blaming the West and Israel for their misery. This hypocritical cynicism is happening while a few Arab countries, such as Saudi-Arabia, Oman, the Arab Emirates and Qatar are sweeping legendary amounts of petro-Dollars into the safes of a selected group of rulers and higher class citizens, practically robbing the western world, whose conduct they interpret as fear and flaccidity. Those wealthy Arab countries have gathered legendary enormous money reserves. They have never tried to invest in solving what the Arabs call “the refugee problem”. On the contrary, the Arab world deliberately prevented solution of this problem for almost 70 years, using innocent people as hostages. And they still continue to do so. But those extremely wealthy Arab countries are financing Islamic terror, and the deal is that in return those terrorists will not interfere with them. I would like to repeat what I mentioned in Part-I regarding what Churchill said about appeasers: 'An appeaser is somebody who constantly feeds the alligator so that the alligator would devour him las'…

Let me give you one example: Qatar. Haled Mash'al, HAMAS's leader, lives in a palace in Qatar and is protected by the Qatarian regime. Qatar finances HAMAS weaponry and Death-Tunnels building. Qatar is the richest country in the world. The source of its legendary richness is Petroleum. Its prices are arbitrarily boosted up, the West is afraid to respond, and with current prices Qatar is now the one country that accumulated the largest amount of money in the world. Now, please note: the country has about 309 thousand citizens only. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the 1.5 million slaves, and I mean real slaves – Muslim Indians, Malaysians, Palestinian, Pakistani and the like – who are kept socially and politically oppressed, without any rights whatsoever. This overwhelmingly rich kingdom never contributed to the rehabilitation of Arab refugees, be it Palestinians or Syrians, Iraqi or Somalian. They support Muslim terrorists, trying to appease the Islamic terror. So far for the one example.

So, our region is a frustrated one, a very tough neighborhood, where there is excess of money (and even enough water to be shared!), and yet – except in the “island” called Israel -there are so many hungry and thirsty people, harsh dictatorships, high percentages of illiteracy, an extremely low technological-scientific level, extremism as the only known way of life, anti-women culture and wars. No wonder this region is the cradle of Islamic world terror.

In Israel there is practically no illiteracy, as a matter of policy there is no one who will stay hungry, it is a flourishing country and an advanced economy, there is no water shortage (Israel is a pioneer in water desalination), it is a vibrant democracy, its society is based on moderate norms and tolerant values and laws, its science and technology are world-known. If you look at the internet, you may see hungry children in Yemen, Egyptian farmers doing their utmost to earn their daily bread, exploding booby-trapped cars killing hundreds in Iraq, and Syrian air-force pilots bombing their own people, and this is just a short list. All they have to do is orientate towards peace and stop wasting their poor resources for weaponry and wars and hatred-oriented acts. This is not happening for hundreds of years, and the situation worsens.

But the western world is again – within less than a hundred years – short-sighted and pretending not to see, like the ostrich that buried its head in the ground. This is very sad. How much time did everybody think that the Nazi phenomenon was just a very temporary deviation? How many short-sighted leaders and journalists were sure that if they will continue to appease Hitler and his gang they will calm them down and the Nazis will then stop believing that anyone who they think is different from them should be enslaved and then exterminated? And what a horrible price did the world pay?