Change is Gonna Come: How Tech is Transforming Lifestyles

Helping to Preserve


One of the most influential ways technology is helping us move forward while still holding to the past is allowing people to preserve what they find most dear. Consider technologic advancements that have helped Jewish people hang onto their religion and faith. Davka, a software company that has been around since 1982 and focuses on programs and education of Judaic principles, created the first English-Hebrew word processor. Without this technology, English speakers would be unable to create new books or other texts in Hebrew.

When considering how technology helps preserve the past, it's important to take the Internet into account. When people are trying to learn more about an area, a people, or a religion, access to the Internet allows them to get real information in real time.

Communicating Constantly


It is estimated that by the end of 2014, there will be over 1.75 billion people using smartphones in the world. Mobile technology continues to improve with every new generation of smartphone, which enhances user experience and keeps up more connected than ever. For example, the new HTC One phone allows you to easily sync your life up with your smartphone in new and innovative ways. There are definite pros and cons to having instant communication so readily available.

On one hand, people are able to more easily respond to emergencies or other situations. Families can talk more regularly. This helps improve relationships and can lead to a better world in general. On the other hand, those who are already workaholics are having a harder time breaking away from the office. Personal communication also suffers, because everyone is texting or messaging on their phones.

Growing the Community


Technology in general makes it easier for people to communicate. When communication is allowed to flow freely, it makes it easier for communities to grow. This growth also leads to strength. Much of technology is either created to aid communication or helps it inadvertently. Consider cars: while these were originally created to help you get from one place to another, this significantly aided in the spread of discussion, information, and more.

As the community grows, more people will have the opportunity to learn about Judaism than ever before. They will have ways to ask their questions and get them answered, without having to travel for days or even weeks in search of someone who knows the answers. Many different types of technology make it possible for those not born as part of the community to better understand it on a daily basis.

Living Longer


When considering technology, it's also important to consider medical technology. The way we have advanced as a society in the medical field is extremely impressive. With the medical field growing each day, it's not surprising that humans are benefitting from the science and information we have accumulated. People are living longer lives due to the technological advances that have been a part of everyday life for those who have lived in the last century.

Creating and Developing


As we look at technology and how it changes lives, and lifestyles, it's important to understand that each technology is benefitted by the one before it. We are creating more and developing higher advancements regularly. This is not a comfortable prospect for everyone. The thought of technology becoming an even more ingrained part of life sounds like a scary thing. However, as we have seen, while there are downfalls to technology in some cases, there are also benefits that simply shouldn't be ignored.

As more technology is created and understood, strides toward a better unity in the communities of the world will continue to happen. We will be able to better preserve the old, while striding confidently toward the new. Communication will continue to be open, allowing new people to learn and understand things they never would have been exposed to before.