Three adorable puppies rescued in the Negev

Meet Wendy, Winnie and Willie.

Done awwing? good.

These three sweet puppies were found deserted near the Israeli town of Netivot in the Negev Desert. The person who found them called Jay and his fiance Roni, a couple who volunteer for animal welfare and occasionally take care of abandoned dogs.

According to Jay’s Reddit post (username jayeugene), the three were “malnourished and dehydrated,” and were found in a box of rotten tomatoes. They were brought to Jay’s home in Beersheva, and they were covered in fleas and ticks.

Caution: kinda gross.




But after a little bath time and removal of almost 300 ticks and fleas…



Wendy, Winnie and Willie. Imgur

The three puppies became viral star after the story floated on Reddit and Buzzfeed.

According to Jay, Wendy was already adopted by SOS Herzliya\a, while Winnie and Willie are still waiting to find a home. More info about adopting them can be found here.

More photos here!