Israeli soldiers injured in Gaza border blast

Three Israeli soldiers were wounded in an explosion while patrolling the Gaza border.

The Israel Defense Forces said it believes that an explosive device planted near the security fence and detonated remotely was the cause of Tuesday morning's blast.

One soldier was moderately wounded and two soldiers were lightly wounded, according to the IDF.

More than two weeks ago, an Israeli officer was severely injured, and lost one of his hands, in a similar explosion while on routine patrol.

“Terror organizations continue their relentless attempts to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers by using the area adjacent to the security fence for laying explosive devices and attempting to carry out terror attacks,” the IDF spokesman said in a statement.

The IDF said it holds the ruling Hamas terror organization responsible for terrorist activity emanating from Gaza.

Also on Nov. 6, an Israel police border guard was stabbed and nine other officers were injured at the Palestinian Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem. The injuries reportedly occurred while one of the officers was making an arrest. Other Palestinians from the camp were arrested for throwing stones and rioting.

The Palestinian who allegedly stabbed the police officer was taken to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem after sustaining injuries during his arrest. Relatives of the alleged stabber rioted at the hospital after being prevented from entering the emergency room, according to Haaretz.