Report: Israeli police filmed beating cuffed Palestinian

Authorities in Israel are reportedly investigating the alleged beating by police of a Palestinian man in cuffs in Jerusalem.

According to the online edition of Haaretz, the beating took place on Oct. 5 during riots that broke out after the weekly Friday afternoon prayers in East Jerusalem mosques.

A passerby filmed the beating and the video was put on Youtube, according to Haaretz. It reportedly shows an Israeli policeman punching a Palestinian man lying on the floor with his hands in cuffs.

Haaretz named the detainee Hassan Afifi, and wrote that he had been arrested on suspicion that he pelted police officers with rocks and assaulted them in an alleyway. He was released shortly after his arrest as police were deciding whether to recommend he be indicted, Haaretz reported.

The paper also quoted a unnamed spokesperson for the police as saying that allegation of police brutality during the man’s arrest were the subject of an investigation. The report did not specify which authrotiy was responsible for the investigation