A Treasure Becomes a Work of Art

This February will mark 10 years since my father passed and I can hardly believe it.  I loved my father very much and losing him was the greatest sorrow my heart has ever known.  He was only 63 years old when he died.  My father had cancer and I went to see him as often as I could.  He died on a Friday, and I had a flight to go with my son to see him the very next day.

When I got to see him he looked at peace.  As horrible as it was, he was out of pain.  Cancer is a violent killer and seeing my dad in his coffin, seemingly asleep, was a blessing.  I kissed him, told him I loved him, and tried to memorize every line of his face.  Before we left his side, my sister asked for a lock of his hair.

I have had a lock of my dad’s hair in a heart shaped locket ever since. It was on a necklace, which broke long ago, but I keep it with me always.  In my wallet, or a pocket, but no matter where I’ve been, for the past ten years, it has gone with me.  I even held it during my son’s Bar Mitzvah.  It brings be great peace.

It may no longer be shiny, but it holds my greatest treasure.  Last week I found myself looking at the locket and not sure why I never replaced the necklace.  It made me sad.  It was tarnished and scratched so the outside did not match what was on the inside.  It was time to make it beautiful again so I took it to my friend Sig.

Sig took my sad looking heart pendant and made it beautiful.  She gave it a necklace that I have not taken off since Saturday. I sleep with it, shower with it, and have worn it with a little black dress and pajamas.  I love it so much that I won’t take it off.  Sig took my treasure and turned it into a piece of art that makes my heart sing.

You can see Sig’s designs at DesignBySig, and follow her on Twitter @designbysig.  To Sig, thank you.  We have been friends for 14 years and experienced a lot together, and I have never loved you more for making something so beautiful. As February approaches I will be sad, but the locket will bring me peace so I am able to keep the faith.