Mob Wives – The Perfect Reality TV Show

The second season of Mob Wives premiered this week and boy oh boy am I hooked.  I love these women.  By love of course I mean I have to say that because I’m scared of what will happen if I don’t.  They are fantastically entertaining and even if you think you hate all reality television, give these women a shot.  From the way it’s shot, to the music, this show is perfect.

I won’t recap who the women are because it will take too long, but you can watch season one on DVD and catch up if you want to get all the back stories.  I think if you have not seen the show, and watch the season opener, you will want to go back and see how we got to where we are now.  The show starts off with Renee, who is going to have some elective plastic surgery.

I love Renee.  Of all the women she is the one I would want to go out for lunch with.  I think she is beautiful and there is a vulnerability to her that makes me want to hug her.  She is having a full body lift to hike up her boobs and flatten her stomach.  I thought she looked great, but totally get that she wanted it and I understood her excitement about the outcome.

She felt something was off before the surgery and at one point tells the Dr. she is thinking about Kanye West’s mother, who we all know died after complications from elective surgery.  She has a gut feeling something is not right, but she has wanted the surgery for a long time and when the anesthesiologist is injecting your meds you can’t really say stop.

Carla and Drita are getting together to hang out by the pool.  Drita scares me to death.  She is beautiful and if you saw her without hearing her speak, you’d think she was lovely.  When she talks though, it’s all over.  This woman is hard as nails and even when she is not being aggressive, she sounds like she could snap at any minute and haul off and slug you in the face.

Carla is the least interesting of the women.  By least interesting of course I mean not at all interesting.  She is very pretty, but not at all compelling. The other ladies pop next to her, which is not hard to do, but they are all firecrackers except for Carla so I’m not sure why she is on the show.  I think they should replace her with Big Ang, but we’ll get to that soon.

Back at the surgery center, Renee is out of surgery and not feeling well. She is in horrible pain and seeing her is heartbreaking.  She is begging for help and when her son comes to see her I almost cried. She is begging him to help her, he is telling her he loves her, and I found myself screaming at the TV for somebody to help her.  She is rushed to the hospital.

After the surgery she has complications, loses a massive amount of blood, and almost dies.  She needed to have a blood transfusion and the entire thing is horrific. Even knowing she is okay, and hearing her tell the story herself, it was scary. Karen has not heard from her since the surgery so she calls to check in and finds out Renee is still in the hospital.

I like Karen.  She is hardcore, and at the same time, seems a little less intimidating than the others.  She can pack a punch so maybe it’s a case of the quiet one being the most dangerous.  Out of all the ladies she seems the most aware of the cameras.  She is serious in terms of her family mob connections, yet seems the least authentic.  Sorry Karen.

Important to note that I am a Canadian Jewish chick and I really have no idea what would be deemed authentic.  My only exposure to the mob life is through Hollywood, so chances are my ideas about the mob are 99% full of crap.  Back to the show, Renee is out of the hospital and having a slow and painful recovery.  She is ready for the nightmare to be over.

Carla is out for lunch with a friend and tells her that she knew Renee had surgery, but was not aware it had gone wrong and was serious.  She says Renee should have gone to the gym and I just think Carla is horrible.  She is boring, and not a good friend, and she can go.  She is talking about her ex and who cares?  I’m not digging her and scared to death that I said it.

Karen went to visit Renee and hears about the horrible experience she had. Renee says she is feeling insecure about her body, regretting she had the surgery, and shares that she suffers from depression and that the surgery made it worse.  During the visit I realize that I actually love Karen. She is sweet and a good friend.  I take it back Karen.  You’re a good egg.

Drita is taking boxing classes to help ease her aggression.  This girl likes to fight. She may be the smallest, but she is the toughest. She is heartbroken about her husband cheating but says its aggravation.  She is talking to the trainer and you see the fear in his eyes.  She is telling the poor guy about how she feels better when she hits, and he looks like he might cry.

Drita tells us the next punch she throws will be in the ring.  Okay Sweetie. Karen is having drinks with Ramona who is her childhood friend.  Drita sends Karen a text saying she wants to talk but Karen is not into it.  Ramona is clearly a troublemaker and likes to stir the pot.  She is supporting her friend, but needs to back up a little or she’ll be in the crossfire.

Renee starts with a new therapist.  He is sweet and she is open to therapy which a great thing. I hope he can ease some of her pain.  Sidebar:  I think showing therapy sessions on reality television is unethical and should not be allowed.  She is talking about Carla, and being threatening, and in the end no good can come of this being shown on the show.  Not cool.

Renee is planning a birthday/hooray for life party for herself and she does not want to invite Carla.  I wouldn’t either.  She is talking to Drita and gets some support from her in terms of her decision to not include Carla.  Drita tells Renee she will work things out with Carla and Renee tells her to keep the drama away from her party.  Drita assures her she will.

Drita then runs to Carla and tells her that she is not invited to Renee’s party.  Carla lets us know that she didn’t want to go to the part anyway. Carla is annoyed by the while thing and says she had no idea Renee was so sick.  The thing is, if your friend has surgery, and you don’t hear from her for weeks, you call.  That is what a friend would do.  Carla is not a friend.

It’s time for Renee’s party and the girls are getting ready.  Drita is texting Karen and trying to be nice so there is peace at the party and Ramona is making things crazy when they don’t need to be.  Renee’s palette of eye shadows is hilarious.  There are about 100 colors and it’s exactly what I expect from her.  There is going to be a blow up at this party.

Drita goes, is hanging solo until Renee arrives so she can say hello, have a drink, hug her and head out.  Drita and Karen are staying away from each other and breath is being held. Renee arrives and she looks beautiful. It’s a sweet moment for her because she almost died.  Her ex Junior is there and when they hug I want them to get married and live happily ever after.

Renee invites the ladies up to the mic with her and Drita is not doing it.  She feels put on the spot so instead of getting up with the others she goes outside. She is followed out by who is my new favorite reality television star. Big Ang.  I freaking love this woman.  She looks like a mob wife to me and I loved everything about her.  Dump Carla and give us more Big Ang.

Drita tells Big Ang that she will talk to Karen so Big Ang goes to get her. When Karen heads out Big Ang says thank you which struck me as funny.  The show ends with a preview of next week and Dear Lord it’s going to get all gangster up in here.  It’s like the Sopranos only with real people. This show is riveting in the same way Tony and Carmela were.

If there is a reality show that actually has any reality in it, this one may be it. These women are entertaining beyond compare and are the real housewives.  I have read this blog five times to see if I can make it any softer or nicer but I can’t. This is my take and at the end of the day, if these women appreciate anything, it’s the ability to keep it real.