Breakfast With Mr. Big

This morning I met a friend for breakfast.  When I arrived and could not see her sitting at an outside table, I went in to see if I could find her.  As I stood in the entrance and looked around the dining room, I saw him.  Sitting at a table, looking better than any man has a right to, sat Mr. Big.

He looked at me and when our eyes met it caught my breath and I thought I might faint.  It was a surreal moment.  In what was probably two seconds, I imagined myself walking over to him.  He stands up, leans over to kiss me on the cheek, then hugs me and whispers, “hey kid” into my ear.

I snapped out of my fantasy and sat down at a table right behind him.  I tweeted my celebrity sighting and posted it on Facebook.  Within a minute the calls started to come with frantic cries of “Where are you?”  I was about to spill the beans to my Facebook pals when my girlfriend arrived.

She sat down and immediately pointed out that Mr. Big was next to me.  I explained to her that was the cause of my drooling.  Important to note that living in LA, and having worked in the entertainment industry for many years, I see celebs all the time, and I leave them alone to wonder freely among us.

It could be I was simply excited to see Chris Noth.  I love him as Detective Mike Logan on Law & Order, and also as Peter Florrick on the Good Wife.  I even remember him from a million years ago on my mother’s favorite soap opera, Another World.  Chris Noth is a terrific actor.

There is something about Mr. Big though, that is special.  The character is iconic to my generation of single women and it was kind of a big deal.  I lost my mind for a second and decided I would say hello.  I’m not proud of my celebrity stalking moment, but whatever, it needed to be done.

I went over, leaned in,  and quietly said I was sorry to disturb him, but would regret it if he left without my telling him that I thought he was fabulous.  He looked me straight in the eye and said, “That’s so sweet.  Thank you.”  He then smiled, at which point I blanked out for a second.

When I snapped out of it, his hand was on mine and he was telling me he appreciated my saying hello.  I wished him a Happy New Year, gave my best smile, and floated back to my chair.  I don’t remember what was said when my head went fuzzy, but I’m quite certain he said he loved me.

He truly is divine looking.  Tall, with broad shoulders, and a sparkle in his eye.  He has an old time movie star quality that is simply fantastic.  I ordered breakfast, settle in to visit with my girlfriend, and felt I now had a kinship with Carrie Bradshaw.  I felt the power and pull of Mr. Big.

I was very satisfied with our short but magical encounter, but then it got a little bit better.  Big paid his bill and started to walk out of the restaurant.  He then stopped, turned around, looked at me, waved and called out “take care”.  I waved back and called out, “Take care Sweetie”.

It was as if we were friends.  Those who looked at me with disgust earlier for interrupting his breakfast, were now looking at me with jealousy.  If you were there, the impression given was that we were pals and he didn’t want to leave without saying bye to me. 

Approaching a celebrity is always a hit and miss proposition.  If they are kind, it’s a hit.  If they are rude, it’s a miss.  This could have gone horribly wrong.  I associate Chris Noth so closely with Mr. Big that I actually forgot Big was a character and felt it was a real person.

Chris Noth is lovely.  He was kind, sweet and charming.  More than a celebrity, he is a star who valued a fan and was generous with his time and spirit.  At the end of the day he’s an actor, but for a few minutes he was Mr. Big.  He gave me a fantasy and inspired me to keep the faith.