2011’s Top 10 Jews in the news (Like them, or not)

Last year, we started our ” title=”returned home” target=”_blank”>returned home with grace and a smile on his face.

” title=”as a victim” target=”_blank”>as a victim, but as an

” title=”left us this year” target=”_blank”>left us this year, but brought light to all our lives. Her music has defined our spirituality.

” title=”Charlie Sheen” target=”_blank”>Charlie Sheen. He saw a reckless villain and booted him, then took the heat.

” title=”touched our hearts” target=”_blank”>touched our hearts for her vulnerability and soul.

” title=”first Jewish MVP” target=”_blank”>first Jewish MVP in half a century, Milwaukee’s 28-year-old slugger was

” title=”Gone” target=”_blank”>Gone, but never to be forgotten!

” title=”foul-mouthed sleazeball” target=”_blank”>foul-mouthed sleazeball director was forced from the helm of this year’s Oscars show, the Academy turned to

” title=”escapades” target=”_blank”>escapades, already?

” title=”sexual assault charges” target=”_blank”>sexual assault charges were dropped and the former IMF head is now back in France. Still: shame on you, Monsieur DSK—and good riddance.