Darrell Brown Has Pushed the Wrong Jew UPDATED

I wrote a blog this week about LeAnn Rimes and the fact that I think her behavior on Twitter, in regards to her husband’s ex-wife, is disgusting.  It was just my opinion, which is what my blog is.  I’m not a gossip columnist, just a writer who shares my opinions and views on things I think are interesting, from Judaism, to pop culture, and everything in between.

There was a lot of action on Twitter recently about LeAnn, her husband Eddie Cibrian, and his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.  I don’t know any of them, and the blog was simply my take on a situation I have experience in.  My ex-husband never cheated, but I do think he and his second wife were rude, mean, hurtful, and purposely disrespectful to me as a mother.

To be clear, I think LeAnn is a bit of a skank.  By “bit of” of course I mean totally.  She slept with a man, while he was married, and while she was also married.  She left her husband to pursue a relationship with a man who had a family.  I am not naïve enough to believe people don’t cheat, but to me she seemed a bit obsessed with getting Eddie.

Again, just my opinion, based on news, comments from LeAnn, Eddie, Brandi, and various news outlets.  After my original blog posted, The Jewish Journal received a call from one Darrell Brown.  He spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal and stated he was a friend of LeAnn’s, and was upset that I used the word “authenticated” in terms of stories about LeAnn’s behavior.

My Editor told me about the call, and I altered the blog to say “I hear this has all been authenticated”.  It was not a big deal, and if it was what Mr. Brown needed to feel better, then I was happy to do it.  It’s a blog, not brain surgery, and it was done immediately.  Interesting to note that he took no issue with my calling LeAnn a skank, only the word “authenticated”.

After Mr. Brown spoke with The Jewish Journal, he felt the need to write about me on his Tumblr page.  It is fascinating to me that someone who is clearly a successful man, would bother to write about me, but since he did, let’s talk about it.  I’m not sure if English is Mr. Brown’s first language, but by the look of his blog, I would guess no, but that’s not authenticated.

Mr. Brown’s little article was offensive and ridiculous.  You can take a look for yourself although I hope he will take it down.  If you do get a chance to read it, the spelling is hilarious.  Mr. Brown had the balls to call his crapfest “Hate and Intolerance”and went so far as to liken my writing about LeAnn to the Holocaust.  Really?  Well Mr. Brown, here we go.

I spent many years of my career working in Holocaust education at Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, and your comments about the Holocaust are offensive to me not only a Jew, but as a human being.  To compare my blog about LeAnn Rimes to the treatment of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and blacks during World War II is shameful.

Following the posting of this blog, Mr. Brown removed the Holocaust reference from his Tumblr post.  He did not apologize for his offensive comment, simply removed it.

Mr. Brown’s comments were idiotic.  By his attempting to bash me, he showed his true colors.  He was unprofessional, childish, vengeful, and completely unaware of what the Holocaust was.  If I were in his industry I would run for the hills before working with a man of such unfortunate character.  Ignorance often trumps talent, which is the case here.

To be clear, the focus of The Jewish Journal is not to “spread the message of acceptance and understanding”, and Mr. Brown stating that the Editor-in-Chief “confessed” to him that I had “gone too far” is a lie.  My blogs are the most popular at jewishjournal.com and I am proud of my work, as is my Editor.  You have pushed the wrong Jew Mr. Brown, and you don’t scare me.

Following the posting of this blog, Mr. Brown removed all mention of my Editor from his Tumblr post.  He did not apologize for lying, simply removed the comment.

Now, if Mr. Brown would like to talk to me, I am happy to.  I am also happy to speak with Ms. Rimes and allow her to tell her side of the story.  I am also happy to go to court so anyone who is interested can see what is authenticated and what are allegations.  I was simply sharing my opinion on a subject that has been widely reported on. To compare this blog to the Holocaust is offensive and and only proves one thing.  Mr. Brown is a jackass.

I would like to invite Mr. Brown and Ms. Rimes to join me for a tour of The Shoah Foundation.  Perhaps if they were properly educated about what the Holocaust was, and the genocides that continue around the world today, then maybe they could understand how horribly wrong the Tumblr article was.

At the end of the day, I stand by my opinions.  I think LeAnn Rimes is disgusting.  I think Darrell Brown is idiotic.  I think Eddie Cibrian is doing a disservice to his children by allowing their mother to be treated this way.  I think Brandi Glanville has the best interest of her children in mind.  That is my truth, and this is America, so I’m just keeping it real.

*I feel strongly that Mr. Brown owes an apology to each and every person who was touched by the Holocaust. In fact, he owes an apology to to every human being who lives with a compassionate heart, and knows that genocides are continuing in the world today. Time for a reality check.

The Talmud says that he who saves one soul, it is as if he saved the entire world.  Maybe this is the time for Mr. Brown to be saved, and therefore a blessing that all this happened around my blog.  I am not sorry for anything that I have written.  I was writing about a subject that many have written about, and Mr. Brown entered into it on his own, and made it personal.

I am not going to remove my blogs, and chances are I will probably write about this subject again.  That said, thanks to Mr. Brown, this blog is no longer about LeAnn Rimes.  It is now about tolerance, compassion, and doing the right thing. 

Write an apology Mr. Brown.  Do it because you know you were wrong.  You can continue to pray that I get fired, and you can keep trying to make that happen, and you don’t need to apologize for that at all.  Just as I shared my voice about you, you are able to share yours about me.

I am asking you to please issue an apology for your insensitive comments in regards to the Holocaust.  I will accept your apology and life will go on.  In the future, you can have a go at me anytime you want, but go after me.  Not my faith, the history of my people, or the atrocities that have forever shaped the history of the world.

Mr. Brown, I am sorry if your feelings were hurt.  This is now about doing the right thing.  I would like an apology from you, and I will happily repost your letter of apology here, so my readers and community can see it.  I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn to keep it real.