Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes & Twitter

There have been a lot of articles written lately about reality TV star Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes.  To recap: Brandi was married to actor Eddie Cibrian, and they have 2 young sons.  Eddie cheated on Brandi with LeAnn while making a movie together.  He left Brandi for LeAnn, and has now married her.  Not an unusual story.

Marriages fall apart all the time, people cheat, and marry who they cheated with often.  The difference here is that it has all played out in public.  LeAnn is a successful singer, Eddie is an actor, and Brandi is finding success as a reality television star, having been added this season to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What makes this situation so fascinating is Twitter.  Twitter is a bizarre world to be sure.  I am on Twitter and have met some interesting people.  People follow me to read my blogs, and read my tweets.  I like it actually, and enjoy following people.  My favorite “person” to follow on Twitter is @LuckytheBeagle.  Follow this dog!

There are a lot of freaks on Twitter.  It truly is a breeding ground for bullies.  I write about Bravo’s Housewives franchise a lot.  Some of those blogs have inspired people to threaten to kill me, hurt my child, and get me fired.  One person even said if I was not going to start being nice to Bethenny Frankel, they would find me and beat me up.

There is very little monitoring of Twitter and when I wrote them with the death threat, they suggested I simply block the person who made the threat.  It’s creepy, and if it was not so pathetic and funny, it would be terrifying.  There are a lot of lonely people online who use Twitter as a way to pretend they are friends with celebrities.

It’s a shame for the regular, fun and entertaining people who use Twitter to connect with their friends and the world at large.  I get a kick out of Twitter and it’s unfortunate that a few crazy people try to suck the joy out of it. You can block them all you want, but they come back, with new names, to keep their hate and madness going.

I have been reading a lot of Tweets about Brandi and LeAnn this week and it’s incredible.  People are passionate and have chosen sides, which is expected. If I were going to pick a side, I would have to go with Brandi on this one.  It is my opinion that LeAnn Rimes has crossed a line.  By crossed a line of course I mean she is coo coo.

It appears that LeAnn goes out of her way to torment Brandi and has become a stalker of sorts.  It must come from a place of insecurity because why else would she be so hell bent on publically humiliating a woman whose children she claims to love so much?  At the end of the day, LeAnn needs to grow up, shut up, and leave this poor woman alone.

LeAnn likes to refer to herself as a “bonus mom” to Brandi’s children. Really? What LeAnn is, is a home wrecker who slept with a married man, then when she ripped apart a family, used her celebrity to bully and embarrass his ex-wife.  One could argue that Eddie is to blame, and he is, but clearly he is a coward and not worth mentioning.

I don’t know these people, but I do know, from my own experience, that LeAnn Rimes should be ashamed of herself.  She uses her fans and Twitter to inflict emotional distress on a woman that she should be apologizing to. We were not in Brandi’s marriage, and that Eddie has found love is fine, but to hurt her now, after all is said and done, is ridiculous.

When my ex-husband got remarried, my son was 4.  He called me one day and asked if he could pick up our child, as he needed to go do something special for Mother’s Day.  When my son got home, he was very excited and told me he got something very special for Mother’s Day.  He was so cute and after about 5 hours could not stand to keep the secret.

He told me he had his picture taken for a coffee mug and computer pad and they said Happy Mother’s Day.  It was the cutest thing I had ever heard of and was excited for Mother’s Day as I knew he was thrilled to give it to me. Mother’s Day came and went without so much as a card.  My ex-husband gave the presents to his new wife, and my son was crushed.

He drew me a picture that day, and we went to Color Me mine and he made me a beautiful plate.  To this day, almost 12 years later, every Mothers Day my son tells me he is sorry about the coffee mug.  As a child, he never understood why she got “my present”.  It was mean.  To this day she refers to herself as his mother and it makes me sad.

I mention my own story to make the point that kids are not stupid.  My son was young when he got a stepmother, and she assumed young meant dumb.  My child, and Brandi’s children, know who their mothers are, and they are protective of us.  They will understand one day what was said and will not be forgiving.  That time will come for LeAnn. I doubt she’ll still be married, but it’s coming.

By LeAnn trying to convince the world she is the mother of these two little boys, she is hurting them and making a fool out of herself.  She can say she loves them, but her hate for Brandi is public knowledge and one day those boys will be men and she will have a lot of explaining to do. She can’t take it back, but she can stop.

For LeAnn to use every opportunity to hurt Brandi in terms of her kids is disgusting.  She can pretend all she wants that she is the mommy, but she is not.  Eddie is a man who cheated on his wife, and walked away from his family.  He is a pig and she is a skank, so why would she want to flaunt that to anyone?  I would be hiding under a rock.

There are stories about LeAnn creating Twitter accounts to harass Brandi, and the phone number linked to some really mean tweets to Brandi, was traced back to the same number that is on LeAnn’s Twitter account. I hear this has all been authenticated, and there are even pictures of LeAnn socializing with women who harass Brandi.  LeAnn is mean spirited and very high school.

If we are to judge these three people by what we see through their celebrity, then Brandi is a class act.  She has been challenged on RHOBH and each week I find myself liking her even more.  Eddie is unemployed and apparently living with no balls, and LeAnn is a whore who cheated on her own marriage while stealing Eddie, and no longer eats.

I am certain that Brandi is not innocent in this mess, but that is irrelevant. The bottom line is that she is the mother of those children and LeAnn needs to back the hell up. Karma is a bitch and it will be interesting to see if LeAnn changes her tune when her cheating husband leaves her for someone else. Maybe then LeAnn will learn to keep it real.