Real Housewives of Atlanta Tuesday Night Bonus RECAP

It’s a bonus episode of the ladies of Atlanta and I am not ashamed to say HOORAY!  I dig these chicks and even though some of them are annoying, they are the most fun to watch of all the housewives train wrecks.  We are taking babies home and heading into court so let the recap begin!

Sheree gets served with papers from her ex Bob.  He wants to not only continue to not pay child support, but also keep her in court for years with some crazy civil lawsuit.  Bob Whitfield is a douchelord, Sheree is freaked out, and Phaedra is simply fabulous, calm, and ready to put Bob in jail.

Sheree has not received child support in three years, yet she is not willing to have Bob arrested.  She is complaining about how unfair the court system is, but when given an option to have the upper hand, she does not want it.  I get that arresting the father of her children is sad, but come on Sheree.

I feel for Sheree, but if she does not want to take control of the situation, she needs to stop complaining about it.  Don’t play the poor me I have no money card, then pretend to build a chateau, and not do anything to get the money owed you.  Bob is a pig, but Sheree is a doormat.  What’s worse?

Kandi is doing her Internet talk show which makes me wonder: How is telling the world your favorite sexual position a good thing for your young daughter? How is it anyone would find a man who cannot speak proper English attractive?  What idiot at Bravo thought this was entertaining?

Charles and Marlo, who are clearly being used as possible new cast members, or perhaps just lightening rods to annoy NeNe, are on the show and they are not cute.  Charles cannot speak English and is a little scary looking, and Marlo seems to think her talent for getting a ball player is God given.

Over at Kim’s, she is taking her insanely perfect and gorgeous baby son home and is once again void of any real emotion or warmth.  Her voice is monotone and when she talks, regardless of what she is saying, she sounds like she is complaining and unhappy.  I’m happy for her but don’t feel any connection.

Cynthia and NeNe are shopping and once again Bravo wants to treat us like we are idiots.  Cynthia is prim and proper and always talking about how she is married and wants to be respectful, yet we are supposed to believe she watched Kandi’s show to learn of favorite sexual positions?

She is telling NeNe about the show with Charles and Marlo, but it would appear that she did not watch it as much as she read the notes that Bravo gave her about the show. NeNe is fabulous, over the whole Charles things, and insists that Charles never got her Hello Kitty.  I love Nene.

Sheree is over at Phaedra’s to pick an outfit to wear to court, where she is going to ask for money, in her Valentino suit, driving her brand new Porsche. Interesting approach.  Phaedra is fabulous television and tells Sheree she can wear Noche but not Dolce.  I love Phaedra and her one-liners.

Listening to her talk about Sheree’s “monster” booty is hilarious.  Phaedra needs to have her own talk show and Sheree needs a reality check.  I have friends who are driving cars that are 10 years old and still waiting for child support, so she is a little offensive.  She needs to decide what she wants.

We can be sympathetic toward her and the fact that her ex-husband is not taking care of his kids, or we can think she is a fame whore who is flashy with her car and chateau.  We are not going to support both so pick a side Sheree.  Chances are we won’t care about either side, but pick one.

I love a good vibrator, but Kandi talking about them on this show is not cute, and pulling them out in a restaurant is not entertaining.  Kandi has a little girl and this storyline makes me sad for her.  Do any of these housewives think about how their choices affect their children?  I’m thinking not so much.

Over at Kim’s she is complaining again.  About everything.  I feel bad for Brielle who is not sure where she fits into the new family, but then she insists the effort starts with an A and I’m over it.  The scene with the washing of the wigs is what Kim’s new show will be, I’ll pass.

Sheree owes Phaedra $5000 as a retainer and she is not paying.  How does this woman have any money at all?  She can pay for a new car but she can’t pay the reduced fee to her friend?  If I had as many secrets as these chicks I would not choose reality television as an option.

It’s court day and we see a nervous Sheree crying while she gets ready.  We also see that her apartment has not a lot of stuff in it.  She is shown driving a new car but has no stand for her television.  How is her kids sleeping on a mattress on the floor, but she has a Birkin?  What is her deal?

Sheree is all a about show.  Shame on her for putting how she looks above how her children live.  It pisses me off.  She needs to send Bob’s ass to jail, get her money, drive a used Honda, and stop crying.  Phaedra calls to give her a pep talk, and she calls her mom for support but can’t reach her.

Kim’s parents come over to visit the baby and it feels weird.  Bravo is setting up their new show and it’s lame.  We are focusing on RHOA so stop force feeding us.  Kim’s show will be about listening to Kim complain, talk about penises and sore vaginas, and picking on Brielle.  Yeah, I’m out.

Over in court, Sheree’s mom surprises her and shows up.  It’s very sweet.  They go in and the madness begins.  Bob looks like a big, dumb ogre and before they even start, Bob hits Sheree with a contempt of court case that she stole things that were to awarded to him in the divorce.

Sheree and Phaedra are blindsided, the case is postponed, and Sheree has no idea what is going on.  Bob leaves and hugs his mother-in-law on the way out and it’s sad. Bob is a loser, who wants to hurt Sheree. He may have gone to Stanford, but he is a douche who is hurting his kids.

That said, one must wonder what Sheree would do with all the child support should she ever get it.  I am disgusted by what appears to be her choices.  Of course I don’t know her, and am basing my opinion on what Bravo shows us, so the truth is up for grabs but it does not seem kosher to me.

Phaedra, Kandi and Sheree are having lunch. Kandi and Sheree are crying, and Phaedra is having none of the blame put on her.  These women are fun, but super fake.  The authenticity of these women made it entertaining but as the truth is revealed, we see none of them are keeping it real