For the love of Israel: Don’t youtube Streisand!

A friend warned me after I recorded Barbra Streisand’s 4-song performance at last week’s Friends of the Israel Defense Forces dinner that I should not post it on this blog.

I’m glad I listened.

According to the gossip site Radar Online, Real Housewife of New York Jill Zarin, who also attended the dinner, posted a video of Streisand’s performance on youtube and was threatened with a lawsuit.

Zarin tweeted: “Someone from Barbra [S]treisand’s company just called my store to tell me to take down my YouTube video or they will sue me. Is that nuts? Sorry guys. I took it down!”

In a culture where nearly every cellphone doubles as a camera, very little is private. A star like Streisand, who keeps strict control over her image, is smart to realize that a poorly shot youtube video will only diminish the power of her performance and not necessarily reflect the amateur photography skills of its videographer.

Either that, or she wasn’t happy with that evening’s hair and makeup.

Check back for more on Streisand’s performance, the FIDF dinner and its host Haim Saban when this week’s Hollywood Jew column is posted online.