Real Housewives of Atlanta: From Babies to Drugs

These chicks are fun to watch but this week was odd.  The story flow was a little off and the whole Kim baby delivery seemed weird.  She is void of any real emotion and is so focused on the cameras that she has lost her authentic vibe.  Well she never had an authentic vibe so it’s not that lost it, as much as she just really does not have it.

Kroy is very sweet but he is so young I have a disconnect between him and Kim.  He is adorable and I like them together, but that does not mean I get it.  Over at Cynthia’s she is heading to New York on business and while packing she is unable to hide the embarrassment she has about the husband she has chosen.  She does not seem to like him at all.

We meet Sheree’s mom and she is very pretty.  Sheree is complaining about Bob and the lack of child support and her mom tells her she was in the same position when Sheree was young, and she needs to fight for her kids.  It’s sad.  We are seeing a tormented and vulnerable side of Sheree and it’s compelling.  She’s still tough as nails, but softer now.

Cynthia and NeNe are in NYC and she is focused on separating herself from Peter, well at least financially.  Bravo must be so excited that they get to see the crumbling of yet another housewife marriage and can capture it all on film.  Just when we start to see the torment of Cynthia, we are thrown into court with Phaedra and see who she represents.

Dear Lord, she gets a guy out of jail time for having tinted windows, which he lies and says are gone, but are not.  He was caught with pot and admits he will not test clean.  He then pulls out a wad of cash to pay her from and the whole thing is insane.  I lost a lot of respect for Phaedra when I met her client, but understand better how she met her husband.

Cynthia goes to meet with Russell Simmons and it showed how uninteresting Cynthia is.  I love Russell, and his brother, and it was fun to see him, but I could have cared less about Cynthia and actually forgot she was even there. Back in Atlanta, Kim is checking into the hospital to have her baby.  She lets the nurse know she does not smoke.  Really Kim?

Momma Joyce is getting dolled up so Kandi can take her picture and put it on a dating website. She is ready to date and she looks very pretty.  Kandi tells her she looks great and Joyce says she looks like a drag queen.  I think she looks beautiful and it’s a sweet exchange between them.  Especially from last week when Momma was still pissed about the stripper.

Sheree gets child support papers from Bob and she opts to have the conversation about what a loser he is on a speakerphone, with her child listening.  I swear these women are more concerned with fame than their kids.  Why not go into another room?  Why does this 14 year old boy, who clearly already has sorrow, have to listen to this crap?

It’s now NeNe time.  I love NeNe and think she is good television.  She is having lunch with some Italian guy who is simply creepy.  Nene is a trip and watching her on this business meeting/date is hilarious.  She is sweet and trying really hard to not look completely freaked out by the creepiness of the date, but then tells us she likes him.  Go figure.

Cynthia is out with a friend and it’s gross.  Cynthia is playing the game and setting the stage for her marriage to end.  It is disgusting and a cheap tactic.  She is whoring out her new business so it can be the thing that saves her when she gets divorced and needs to make money.  She says she loves Peter and it will be okay.  I call bull^%$#.

Kim has her baby but we don’t see anything because it’s all being saved for the new show.  There is nothing appealing about Kim this week except for her new baby and her husband.  They have a beautiful baby, two gorgeous little girls, and look really happy.  Not sure I’ll be able to stomach her new show, but I wish them all loads of health and happiness.

The best thing about this weeks show was the commercials for the special episode that is being shown on Tuesday.  Sheree is in court with Phaedra as her lawyer and it would appear Phaedra tanks.  Lynn Hudson has written to let me know she is hiring Ms. Parks to sue me, and come Tuesday that will be even funnier.  I’ll be back on Tuesday keeping it real.