News Flash: Jill Zarin Loves Barbra Streisand!

I am not the world’s biggest Jill Zarin fan, and contrary to the crazy kool aid drinkers of the blogosphere, I do not work for her.  I have written some blogs that support her and others not so much.  At the end of the day I like her as a television personality because she is funny and entertaining.  I will miss her on RHONYC because good or bad she was a lot of fun.

People love to hate Jill.  It’s quite fascinating that so many people spend so much time devoted to saying horrible things about this poor woman.  She is simply a nice person who is reality television personality.  She is not Satan, a spokesperson for all Jews, or plotting to take over the world.  If anything, her dealing with all the public hate with such dignity makes her a saint.

I get my fair share of hate from the same people as they thing I am “just like Jill”.  Since no matter what I say about Jill people hate me, let me say this, leave this poor woman alone.  Don’t like her?  Then don’t watch her every move. If you mess with her, I will defend her.  I will support her as I would anyone who is being persecuted. Jewish or not.

Now, let’s clear up the Barbra Streisand situation.  Here in LA on Thursday night, The FIDF, which is Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, had their annual fundraising gala.  It is a big deal here in town and lots of people go. Some go to support financially, some to be seen, some to see others, and some to check out the insanely attractive Israeli soldiers in uniform.

Jill was there with her husband and took a video, got excited about it, and posted it online.  Who cares?  She was told to take it down and she did.  I would have been tempted to post also.  It’s not about wanting to get fame or align herself with Ms. Streisand.  It’s about being a fan, getting excited, and wanting to share it with people in your life.  That’s all it is people.

Barbra Streisand is not a regular human being. She is magic.  She made Jewish girls beautiful, sings to me with the voice of an angel, and inspired me to study Torah through Yentl, which I think is cinematic genius.  Barbra Streisand is iconic to many, but to me it’s personal as she touches so much of my Jewish identity.  I get the desire to want to share her.

So Jill, if I am to assume that you feel about Ms. Streisand as so many of us do, it’s okay.  You made a mistake, fixed it, and life goes on.  As for the haters, in the words of Charlotte from Sex and the City, “We’re Jews. We’ve survived worse than this.”  Hold your head high, know that you have people on your side, keep the faith and keep it real.