The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RECAP

Remember when the housewives were fun?  Remember when they laughed at themselves, were silly, and gave us a peek into their lives, and it was a life we could see for ourselves?  Me too.  Those days are gone and this week on RHOBH it became very clear that those days are never coming back.

We start off with Lisa and Pandora picking out the final wedding invitation. Last week Lisa tweeted that she did not pick the boxed invite, but then we saw that she did.  Granted it was smaller than the original one we saw, but it’s still pretentions and with postage over $150 a piece, which is gross.

Lisa is truly beautiful and has a killer body, so I don’t understand whey she feels the need to wear clothes that are so tight, and shoes that are so high. She would walk better if she went one size bigger on the clothes and one inch shorter on the shoes. She’s simply too old for her current look.

On to Adrienne, she is designing her own shoe line and I use the word designing very loosely.  She pulls out her favorite designer shoes, and tells her team to copy it.  Fascinating really that she went with this approach with the cameras rolling.  Not the way I would have gone, but that’s just me.

Sidebar:  Adrienne is sweet girl, but she has a level of immaturity that I don’t really understand.  From her clothing choices, to her designing practices, to how she handles her friendships, is all a little young for me. Plus, forgive me but it must be said, side ponytails are simply not cute.

The next scene is so wrong I can’t wrap my head around it.  They show Russell and Taylor in therapy.  I’m not going to comment as it is inappropriate, but I will say that I think it is disgusting, rude to his children, and a sell out for Bravo to show it.  I also think Taylor is a liar.

I was not there, and do not know these people, but I do not think Taylor was physically abused by her husband.  I think they were both emotionally abused by each other, and I think he took his own life because he knew she was going to destroy him and his reputation.  Just my take.

Back at Lisa’s, they are sampling dinner for the wedding.  Pandora does not want housewives drama, the wedding planner is divine, Lisa tries to eat cotton candy like Taylor, but misses the grossness of it, and the caterer is whoring out his company on every surface in the kitchen.

Kyle and Brandi go out for a manicure, just the two of them, since Taylor bailed.  I don’t trust Kyle.  She is back peddling on her bad behavior but who cares? Deeo down she is insincere and not a good friend to anyone other than her sister, and even then not so much.

Brandi talks about her divorce, and then tells Kyle she wants to plan a party for the girls with a porn star come and teach the ladies to orally pleasure their partners. Dear Lord are they for real?  Who does that?  The skank level is very high in both BH and ATL this week.

Adrienne is having a fashion show and party as her house for her new imitation show line.  She is talking to the party planner and is it just me or is Adrienne wearing Mom jeans?  They are high and wide, and like all of her wardrobe, out of date by a couple of decades.  Such a shame.

Adrienne is getting ready and we find out she has a stylist.  Really?  He better start clarifying that he only works with her for parties, because if he is putting out her day clothes, he will never get another client.  Adrienne clearly is a member of the Kardashian Too Much Makeup Club.

Taylor is in the car with Russell and again I am skipping over it. It is wrong on so many levels that he is on this show, while Taylor tries to ruin his reputation.  I know it’s been said before, but does Bravo not feel any moral obligation to his children?  Clearly they are of no concern to them.

Sidebar:  Taylor’s dress is perfect, Kyle’s dress is embarrassing.  Lisa’s dress is too small.  Brandi’s dress is fine.  Camille’s dress is divine.  Kim is a no show. Dana is non-existent and clearly has no real place on this show.  She seems fun but it’s just not translating to the screen.

Lisa arrives and within a minute of walking through the front door, Adrienne pulls her aside and tells her she is pissed off that the bachelorette party for Pandora is at Planet Hollywood not The Palms.  I am finding it hard to deal with Adrienne.  She is a baby and needs to grow up.

Camille is my current favorite Beverly Hills housewife. That means nothing really since liking this show is bound to make you crazy and indecisive.  I change my mind each week with who I like but for a while Camille has been on top and Klye Has been on the bottom. 

The fashion show stars and Adrienne stumbles through her speech.  It was as if she did not know what the organization she was supporting did.  The fashion show happens, but Adrienne’s shoes are hidden under the gowns and the show is an epic fail if you ask me.  Where are the shoes?

I watched the entire hour waiting to be entertained, but nothing.  Then, just as I’m about to shut off the TV, there is the preview for next week and we see that Taylor is going to be drunk.  That my friends will be worth the price of admission.  Sadly, we all know that will be good.

I can honestly recall when I used to watch these shows and think the women were great.  Now I just think they are pathetic, with a smidge of entertaining thrown in on rare occasions.  At the end of the day they are a train wreck and nothing about this show is keeping it real.