Real Housewives of Atlanta – Ridiculous!

This show is the most interesting of the housewives.  These ladies live a life that I like to watch because I am unfamiliar with it.  The southern and African American aspects are new to me, but the best thing about these women is that unlike any other city in the franchise, they will not pretend to be friends when they are not.

I really love these women and think Phaedra and NeNe are two of the best things to ever happen to reality television.  That said, this week was painful.  It crossed a lot of lines for me I found myself questioning if I really wanted to invest my time in watching it.  Of course I’m not going to stop, but come on Bravo.  This was a disgusting show.

We start with Phaedra going to visit Kim.  I must question my own sanity when I tell you that Kim is becoming the most appealing woman on this show. How did that happen?  Bravo is clearly editing her in a way that will make us like her more so we will watch her new spinoff.  It’s working.  I will watch her show and I think I’ll actually like it. Who knew?

Kim calls out Phaedra for the fight at the baby shower and says that Peter, at 65, is too old to be fighting at a party.  Hilarious.  Meanwhile, Peter is meeting with Mal to work out their issues from the wedding.  The exchange was stupid and both were ridiculous.  Mal tells Peter that Cynthia wanted to kill herself before the wedding.  So lame.

I understand Peter’s position about Mal trying to hide the marriage certificate.  We all saw her shenanigans, and I get it’s her sister and she was worried, but she crossed a line.  Mal made a mistake and Peter is angry, but Cynthia is week and needs to stop being such a wimp.  These three are a mess and that they allow us to see their dysfunction is odd.

After this many years on television, would you not be careful in what dirty laundry you show the world?  This is not the smartest group of ladies.  Over with Kandi, she is planning her 35th birthday party. She is with Sheree and Phaedra and between the three of then I sometimes can’t tell if they have strong accents or simply do not know how to speak English.

Phaedra Parks needs her own show.  She cracks me up and I look forward to her scenes because I know she will say something entertaining. I feel the same way about NeNe.  Poor NeNe.  She is getting blamed for everything and it’s too bad.  I like her and think she is getting a raw deal from the ladies.  She is sweet and I think she should not trust Kandi.

NeNe and Kandi are shopping for shoes with Derek the hairdresser is wearing the highest heels I’ve ever seen a man wear.  I have never seen so many men in heels as I’ve seen in Atlanta. God bless them for owning it and strutting their stuff.  NeNe is going to go to Kandi’s party and she will simply stay away from the people she does not like.

Kim and Kroy are meeting with a nurse to discuss circumcision.  Kim says she is worried because her son’s penis is his future.  Love it.  Kroy is changing a diaper on the fake baby and it’s very sweet.  I really like Kroy and I am happy for Kim.  I’m not placing any bets on how long it will last, but I’m pulling for them and think this might be the real thing.

NeNe goes to visit Cynthia and I’m glad they are still friends.  I think it’s an authentic friendship and that’s great.  Peter is on the phone and we hear his investor’s check has bounced and he is $40k in the hole with his new business.  Peter is, for lack of a better word, a loser.  Why she married him when there were so many red flags is unclear.

We hear from NeNe that she slept with Gregg and it was great.  I want them to be together and so I hope it works out.  I don’t know where they are at now, or if they are together, but I hope so.  Peter is talking to NeNe about how he wanted his wedding day to be perfect and blames Mal for ruining it. Maybe it was his hiding his financial troubles that ruined it?

Sheree takes Phaedra to see the construction on her Chateau.  Phaedra seems to have an obsession with butts, and not just hers.  For someone who talks about etiquette and manners, she sure is quick to jump to the ass talk. The chateau is coming along slowly and Phaedra lets the contractor know she is watching, and ready for court if he does not hurry up.

Mal and her husband are at Cynthia’s new agency.  He’s gorgeous and Mal is still sulking.  Cynthia throws her sister and her marriage under the bus and it’s sad.  Cynthia is a moron and her sister needs to realize she cannot help her.  They remind me of the two sisters in The Bodyguard and Cynthia is Whitney Houston.  These two are a mess, but I’m with Mal.

It’s time for Kandi’s party, but not before we once again have to listen to Kim pee.  That is getting old already. Kandi is getting ready and her hair and makeup look horrible. Phaedra shows up, with her taser, and the party is on. Cynthia looks gorgeous then Laurence shows up and it’s over.  He is the prettiest one there.  These men in partial drag are fabulous.

NeNe shows up and the room divides.  Sheree says she does not care NeNe is there but she cannot take her eyes off of her.  Sheree is talking about how she is a grown up, but she is annoyed and you can tell.  Phaedra calls the two groups Crips and Bloods, which is funny.  Kandi says she does not like being in the middle, which is funny since she causes so much drama.

Phaedra gives Kandi a stripper for her birthday and this man is beyond description.  He is very well endowed and has the ability to pleasure himself due to his rather insane gift.  If was nasty, inappropriate in front of Kandi’s mom, and a truly ridiculous move on Phaedra’s part.  However, having him there and watching NeNe’s face was worth it.

I would have died if he was brought to a party I was throwing.  Seriously bad move.  I have no interest in seeing this man’s special gifts and Phaedra, the southern belle, should be ashamed of herself.  Kandi’s mom is pissed off and she storms out of the party.  I felt bad for Kandi that she is being cussed out by her mom, but still, I felt bad for Momma Joyce.

This week was a waste of my time and I could have done without it.  Next week looks like it will be interesting, if interesting means watching people’s lives fall apart.  I like these women but they are not fun anymore. They are mean and nasty to each other and don’t seem to realize we are watching, and they do not look good.  I’m again sad for all of their kids.

The money and fame of reality stardom is enticing, but these women are mothers and that this is what they put out there for their kids to see is mind boggling to me.  Can Phaedra be mad when her son becomes a stripper? What about Cynthia when her daughter wants to marry an old man? Time for a reality check so these ladies can start keeping it real.