45 Things I Am Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.  This holiday reminds us to give thanks and gratitude for the blessings in our lives.  I try to be grateful everyday, but Thanksgiving is special because we are all being grateful together.  Since this is my 45th Thanksgiving, I am going to share 45 things I am grateful for.

1. My remarkable son

2. Fiddles the cat

3. Afrin Nasal spray

4. George Clooney

5. Vegetarianism

6. Family

7. Canada

8. Keeping the Faith

9. Keeping it Real

10. Friends

11. iPhone

12. iTunes

13. iPad

14. iCloud

15. Modern Family

16. Popsicles

17. A good date

18. Being able to remember a good date

19. Kleenex

20. Chapstick

21. Hope

22. Sarcasm

23. The Troops

24. Matzo ball soup

25. Facebook

26. Love

27. Forgiveness

28. Patience

29. Massage

30. Red wine

31. Flowers

32. Rain

33. Memories of my Dad

34. My mom visiting

35. Sushi

36. Laughter

37. Sleeping

38. Cooking

39. Hugs from my child

40. God

41. Home

42. Blogs

43. Work

44. Play

45. Motherhood

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day and I’m looking forward to resting, cooking, laughing, and being grateful for the blessings in my life.  Special thoughts and prayers go out to our troops who sacrifice so much for us to have this day.  God Bless them all and their families.

I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have a holiday full of family, friends, and delicious food.  Be kind to a stranger, help someone in need, hug your kids, get someone else to do the dishes, remember life is a blessing, and giving thanks is a way of keeping the faith.