Dancing With The Stars – UPDATED

The finals are finally here and let me just say that it feels like this season has been on forever.  It’s been fun though and I am happy Ricki and JR are in the finals.  If Rob Kardashian, who I actually think is quite sweet, wins this show I will lose my faith in humanity.  I get that he has worked hard, but a Kardashian simply cannot take home the coveted trophy.

Ricki danced first and pulled the poor fat me card which was lame.  She looks great and needs to let it go. What I didn’t know about Ricki is that she is a talk show actor and a host.  This information was provided courtesy of Brooke Burke Charvet, who may be the dumbest woman on television.  I believe Ricki is an actor and a talk show host.  You’re welcome Brooke.

Rob dances next and it’s just okay.  The Kardashian family is cheering him on, including his porn star sister Kim.  That she was able to put aside her divorce drama to support her little brother is sweet.  By sweet of course I mean I could care less about this family and that they are famous at all is troubling.  I have signed the end the Kardashians on TV petition.

JR is next and his dance is just okay, but he is terrific.  I just like him so much and Karina is insane.  Her body is perfection and I like watching them dance.  He came in third in the first round but I’m not counting him out just yet.  He is a better dancer than Rob and so I am putting my faith in humanity that JR is not ranked below a Kardashian.

Ricki’s freestyle was good, but not great for me.  Her costume was nice, and I must say I laughed out loud when Derek told her to shut her face in the video package, but I want something modern and fresh, but this was more classic and old fashioned.  It was good, and she could totally win, but the freestyle should be the most exciting dance and this was not.

Rob was up next and his freestyle was slow moving to start and I was bored.  It picked up but I was not interested.  The song choice was not a winner for me and if the freestyle is what makes a champion, then this lost it for him.  Cheryl’s final dance with Drew Lachey was perfection, and this was just okay.  I don’t get why the judges loved it so much. A perfect 30? Really?

JR goes last and I loved his dance.  It was fun and fast, which was great, and also had complicated lifts and was very different from the regular dances of the season.  He also scored a perfect 30 from the judges and was in my opinion, the winner of the freestyle dance.  I want him to win and really hope he kills it tomorrow and comes out the overall winner.

All three of the finalists have a shot at the championship and at this point it’s just as much of a popularity contest than a dance competition.  I voted for JR to win and I hope he does.  He was entertaining and fun all season and if you look at an overall performance, he has deserved it.  We’ll see what happens tonight. No Kardashian America!  Keep it Real!

And the winner is……. JR Martinez.  THANK GOD!  I wanted him to win from the beginning and I voted for him a lot.  I would have been surprised if Rob Kardashian had won.  By surprised of course I mean grossed out.  Someone tweeted that Rob was on Dancing With The Stars longer than Kim was married, which is hilarious.  JR deserved the win and I’m happy for him.  It’s also nice for Karina who has been there from the beginning and never won.  Ricki Lake came in 3rd place which is great, although I thought she would beat out Rob.  It was a great season and I enjoyed it.  From the very first dance weeks ago, to the show ending with Brooke speaking with her mouth full of confetti, it was fun.  I’d like to see Teresa Guidice dancing.  Or any housewife really.  If they pick another Kardashian I will be annoyed.  Until next season, thanks to Tom Bergeron for being fabulous and always keeping it real.