Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi is Not So Sweet

We start off this week with Sheree and her new house.  How in the world does this woman have enough money to build a “chateau” in a fancy shmancy neighborhood?  Furthermore, how drunk does she think we all are that we believe she was born anywhere near 1975?  She is a loon, and focusing on the “necessities” only, like a library, ballroom, massage room and theater. Dear Lord this woman is too much.

Over at Phaedra’s, she went from being pregnant and certain she would whoop her child, to being so desperately in love with her baby that she can’t bear to hear him cry.  She is super cute with her son, who I must say is absolutely delicious.  That is one beautiful baby.  Meanwhile Apollo is now the strict one with the baby.  He is also getting into a little trouble, which is a shame and shouldn’t be a big deal.

He was stopped because the cops thought he was someone else, but in the end he has a criminal past and so every time something routine happens, it’s blown out of proportion.  I feel bad for him because he is trying to live a life that society does not think he deserves to be living, and that is a lot of pressure.  I do not know what his issues from the past are, but they are weighing heavy on him and his marriage.

Over at Cynthia’s house, she is having dinner with her daughter, her impossibly handsome baby daddy Leon, and her really creepy husband Peter. We find out that Peter is going to open another bar.  He tells us he is good at it, but we already know he sucks at it, so whatever.  There is still friction between Cynthia’s mom, sister and Peter, but he could care less.  There is something very unsettling about Peter.

Kim is having lunch with Sheree and lets us know that other than their fight in the street when Sheree tried to pull off her wig, they are tight and have been for a decade.  Whatever.  Kim is only friendly with Sheree because she does not have a friendship with NeNe.  Kim is talking about her new house and Sheree is clearly jealous.  I don’t get these two chicks or their convenient and forced friendship.

NeNe is getting her son ready to go to his dad’s for the weekend.  Her son is very sweet and I wanted to hug him.  I really like NeNe and even though there is a backlash against her, I still like her and she is my favorite Atlanta housewife.  It was sad to watch her stand on the front porch and see her son leave.  I find myself wanting to hug NeNe too.  I hope she comes out of this happy, healthy and whole.

Phaedra and Kandi are shopping for a baby shower gift for and Kandi once again is a passive aggressive gossip.  She tries to make us think she does not want to get involved, or care about other people’s business, but she is all up in their crap like her life depends on it.  Kandi is a gossip and totally fake. She went from the classy one, to the trashy one and I don’t care for her too much.  She smiles while she stabs you in the back.

It’s the day of Kim’s baby shower, and she has invited 130 of her closest friends to celebrate with her and Kroy, who by the way is truly fabulous with Kim’s daughter’s.  It’s very cute to see and again let me say that is one yummy little dog.  The shower is over the top and pretentious, even for Kim. Before I go on, let’s just take a moment to say that the yellow tri-color stands of her wig are beyond ugly.  Seriously ugly.

Kandi shows up at the shower and we hear she has not spoken to Kim for her entire pregnancy.  Not surprising since we know Kandi is not really a good friend.  Phaedra points out Kim was very judgmental of her shower, yet went even more pretentious for herself.  Meow.  Poor Phaedra has to listen to Kim’s dad pitch himself for a job and God love her, Phaedra has perfect manners.  I freaking love this chick.

Kandi is stirring the pot, again with Sheree by talking about Cynthia.  We hear that Poppa Smurf Peter gave an interview and trashed all the ladies. Cynthia and Peter arrive for the last 20 minutes, didn’t bring a gift and you know things are going to get ugly. I like the ugly stuff with these chicks. Phaedra and Sheree are calling Peter out on all the crap he said in the interview and Peter is not backing apologizing.

Apollo is pissed off that Peter disrespected his wife and is clearly annoyed, then Peter brings up the incident with Apollo and the police and it is on. Peter is being a total ass and poor Apollo is trying hard to stay in control, and it’s sad.  I feel bad for Apollo and think Peter is a schmuck.  Cynthia is clearly embarrassed and the cops are now in the room.  Apollo was great and I loved him tonight.  Peter, not so much.

The promos for this week were much more entertaining than the actual show, but it was still good.  A party is never the same without Nene and it’s sad that Kim did not invite her.  I don’t get how she is friends with Sheree and not NeNe.  They will make up eventually and NeNe will have been left out.  I like these girls but how they treat each other is sad and immature. They need to grow up and start keeping it real.