Matt Taibbi: Occupy Wall Street is more than anti-corporate

In this month’s issue of Rolling Stone, author and Rolling Stone contribute editor Matt Taibbi writes that at first he thought Occupy Wall Street’s energy was impressive, but that movement wouldn’t “be taken very seriously by the Citibanks and the Goldman Sachs of the world.” Then he realized that Occupy Wall Street is about more than something against “big banks and finance.” It’s a “forum for people to show how tired they are not just of Wall Street, but everything.”

Another choice quote: “People want to go someplace for at least give minutes where no one is trying to bleed you or sell you something. [Occupy Wall Street] may not be a real model for anything, but it’s at least a place where people are free to dream of some other way for human beings to get along…”

Taibbi comes to the conclusion that Occupy Wall Street is “about dropping out, if only for a moment, and trying something new.”

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