NEWS FLASH: Everyone Loves Jewish People!

I have written a lot of stories for It’s been two and a half years of five to ten blogs a week, not including the stories I’ve written for the weekly Jewish Journal publication.  That is a lot of material and when I go back and look through it all, I am both surprised and impressed by the shear volume.  It’s a lot of writing.

Keeping the Faith has been a real joy for me.  This blog has chronicled the life I share with my son, and shares my worldview on life, love, religion, sex, politics, and just about everything else.  My son and I are very close, but when he is older, and has his own family, he will be able to look back at these entries and really understand who I am.

Keeping it Real is pure fun for me.  I love reality television, and that I get paid to watch it is crazy.  I would be watching even if it was not my job, and it’s a blessing that I love my work.  There are a lot of reality fans who should perhaps be medicated, or incarcerated, but at the end of the day it’s all fun, and we’re all crazy for watching these train wrecks.

I have learned a lot about myself, my views, the world, and the people who just like me, are trying to live with faith.  I have readers who have been with me from the very first blog, and share their opinions without fear. Whether I have a virtual relationship with my regular readers, or it’s a one time reader who gives feedback, their opinions matter.

If I have heard one thing over and over again, it is that apparently, everyone in the world loves Jewish people.  Did you know this?  It’s true.  No matter what I write, people let me know they love Jewish people.  Jews should not have a care in the world because they are loved.  All of us.  Each and every Jew in the world has fans so we can all relax.

I wrote that I thought it was wrong for the Dugger family to have 20 kids. I got emails telling me that the Duggers love Jewish people.  I wrote that I thought Sarah Palin’s political views were scary, and I got hundreds of emails telling me Sarah loved Israel and all Jewish people.  I wrote about Coach Paterno and was informed that he also loves the Jews.

Why is it that whenever I write about someone, and don’t agree with what they are doing or how they do it, I am told that I should be nicer because they like Jews?  Newsflash, not everyone loves the Jews and furthermore, to say that someone loves “the Jewish people” is ridiculous.  I am a Jew and even I occasionally have issues with my “people”.

I have two Jewish parents, was born Jewish, raised Jewish, married Jewish, and raise my son Jewish, yet there are many Jews who don’t think I am Jewish enough.  I was once fired from a job with a Jewish organization for wearing pants to an event, not a skirt.  I embarrassed the organization by not being a good Jew and they let me go.  True story.

To say you like the Jewish people seems silly to me.  To expect me to apologize for writing my truth because the person I wrote about loves Jews is ridiculous.  There are good Jews and bad Jews and you can love the history of the Jews, but nobody loves all Jews.  Does Michelle Dugger love both Barbra Streisand and Bernie Madoff?  Come on.

Here’s the other thing, just because you like Israel or Jews, does not mean that as a Jew I need to like you back.  Sarah Palin can wear a Star of David but I’m not voting for her.  The Duggar family can pray for Israel everyday, but I still think having 20 kids is insane.  Coach Paterno can support Jewish causes, but I still think he should be in prison.

Not everyone loves Jews and that’s okay, just don’t hate people because they are Jewish.  You don’t have to like what I write, but don’t pull the Jew card with me.  I am Jewish.  I am also a mother, woman, daughter, sister, friend, writer, human being, and a Canadian.  To name just a few things.  My faith matters to me, but should not matter to you.

My Judaism is evolving.  I am more religious now than when I was younger, and by religious, I mean that I am a student of my faith.  I am learning as I go and taking away from my religion what I want, and what I need.  I have a relationship with God and my goal is to better understand the religion that I was not only born into, but that I choose for myself.

Remember in the movie Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise yelled into the phone that he loves black people?  We all laughed because it was ridiculous. Nobody loves all Jews because not all Jews are good.  We are people first, and so while I love getting comments on my blogs, I don’t care about whether Sarah Palin and Michelle Duggar like Jews.

My opinions will not change based on the opinions of others.  It’s a cop out to say that you don’t like me because I’m Jewish.  There are lots of reasons to not like someone but don’t say it’s because of a religion and don’t expect me to like everyone who likes my faith.  Not everyone loves Jews, and that is okay. Jews are going to be fine, and we are keeping the faith.