Dancing With The Stars: Hope is Out and Rob is the Only Popular Kardashian

Hard to believe this season is almost over.  It’s gone by fast.  Probably because there were so many people I didn’t care about, that seeing them get the boot went by in a steady flow.  The final four was a mix of expected and surprises.  I picked JR and Ricki to be in the finals week one, but am totally surprised that Rob Kardashian and Hope Solo are still in it.

I think Maks is an ass, and Hope is boring, so I wanted them to go early. Hope was not a great dancer so she should is lucky she hung on.  I think Rob is a fame whore, and his sister Kim is a regular whore, so I didn’t care if he went home either. The difference between Rob and Hope is that Rob can actually dance, so it makes sense Hope was sent packing.

Important to note that even though I am happy Hope finally got the boot, watching the video about her childhood made me cry.  She is an inspiration and hero to little kids who are going through family struggles.  She proves that you can create your own destiny and become whatever you want.  I think her dancing sucks, but she is an amazing human being and I admire her.

Sidebar: I just want to put it out there that I don’t think the singers on this show are very good.  I get that they learn new songs each week, and it’s a hard job, but there is a homeless guy on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura singing Christmas carols, and he sounds better. There are millions of unemployed and talented singers in LA and it’s time for a change.

Let’s just talk about the Kardashians for another minute.  I’m not a fan. Even their voices annoy me, but with that said, I think Khloe is hilarious, the best of the bunch, and the only one worthy of a TV show as she really is quite entertaining.  Kourteney is useless, the two little ones are boring, Kris is insane and Kim is a porn star, with no clear talent, even in bed.

There is a large backlash building on the Internet to get rid of the Kardashian family on television.  Petitions, and letter writing campaigns, which all stem from Kim and her fake marriage for money.  I almost feel bad for them but in the end I don’t.  They had a nice run and managed to turn their 15 minutes into what seems like forever, so they should be proud.

With that said, I really like Rob Kardashian.  I didn’t in the beginning, but he has won me over.  He is so sweet, and trying so hard, and he has earned his spot in the finals.  I am so happy he is there.  For him to make it is quite remarkable.  He started the show getting votes because of his family, and now he is in the finals in spite of his family.  Bravo Rob.

I can’t write about Dancing With The Stars without commenting on Brooke. I cannot stand her voice, her stupid questions, her lack of personality and apparently missing sense of humor.  If we learned one thing this season, it was that the co-host of DWTS should be Carson Kressley.  He is an entertainer, funny, charming, smart and the only real choice.

The four young men who were the spotlight performers were really good and their video package was great.  I was proud of them and hope they had the best time.  As for The Muppets, they are perfection.  I have always loved the Muppets and it’s so great that a new generation of kids will get to know and love them, and us old timers can have them back.

The finals are set with Ricki Lake, JR Martinez, and Rob Kardashian.  I think this is a great group and next week will be fun because they can all dance. I’m ready for this season to be over, but I’ve enjoyed it.  The mirrored ball trophy could go to any of the finalists and that will make it fun to watch. I’m wonder if Kim will come for Rob.  Probably not, that would be keeping it real.