Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Spitting on Russell Armstrong’s Grave

Before I blog about this train wreck, I want to say I am sick of this show.  Each week I think it can’t get any worse in terms of their behavior, and then they outdo themselves.  These women are fame whores with no regard for each other.  This week’s episode it yet another example of Bravo’s attitude towards a man who took his own life. That they are creating this legacy for his children is shameful.

We begin at Kim’s house, where Kyle is meeting her new boyfriend.  The same boyfriend who currently has a profile up on  I almost feel bad for the guy that he has put his life out on the line for everyone to attack. By everyone, of course I include myself.  This guy looks creepy, but when he hugged Kyle goodbye I liked him.  No chick is worth what he will go through.

Kyle is crying like a baby and it’s just odd.  I get that it’s her sister and she’s worried, but there is an insincerity to her crocodile tears that make me think she is more bitchy than loving.  Kyle is selfish, and a fame whore, and I think her concern for his sister is more for the camera than anything else.  I also happen to think she stole the house in the desert from Kim.

Adrienne and Paul are out for his birthday dinner.  This couple makes me crazy, and her unfiltered hatred for her husband is upsetting.  Why he allows her to humiliate him is fascinating.  Even more confusing is why Adrienne refuses to brush her hair, and wears clothes from the 80’s.  I used to think their banter was cute, but she can no longer hide her dislike of him.

She rattles off a list of things you need to do to make a marriage work, yet she does not do any of the things she lists.  On her husband’s birthday, she decided she is going to talk about Taylor.  Whatever.  It is in such poor taste that they are showing these scenes of the ladies talking about Russell. Kyle talking to husband is boring and I’m skipping over it.

Taylor is at an event with Russell and it makes me sick.  I’m not sure why I have such a reaction to seeing him, but I do.  It makes me want to cry that his children will watch this show, to be able to see their dad, only to see he is painted as a truly horrible human being.  Taylor is nominated for an award, which she loses.  Yes, Taylor is a loser.  Literally.

The pretentious double kiss that these chicks do is dumb.  We don’t do that here so I’m not sure why they insist on it.  Kyle “accidentally” tells Lisa about the event she was not invited to.  By accidentally of course I mean Bravo scripted it. Lisa’s feelings are hurt and I feel sorry for her, for a second, until I remember what a complete bitch she is.

Lisa is hosting a tea for the ladies and invites Taylor, but not the new girls Brandi or Dana.  She is once again in a dress that is too small.  Taylor arrives and the train is moving forward and ready to crash.  Taylor is a mess and Lisa is looking to pick a fight.  Does anyone else think Taylor this season is acting like Alex in NYC last season?  Trying to have a voice?

Lisa keeps asking Taylor why she came to the tea, which is odd.  Has Lisa forgotten she invited her?  Alex, I mean Taylor, is going off on Lisa, telling her all the things she has said and done to hurt her.  Lisa is defensive, Taylor is having an episode, the other ladies are sitting quietly, and Kyle is sticking her nose into business that she should simply shut up about.

Taylor’s mouth makes her look like a duck.  Best line of the whole night, “If you can’t be my friend, just please don’t be my enemy.”  It’s classic weak girl standing up to the bully.  I feel heartbroken for Taylor, but truly sad for Kennedy.  That her father took his own life, and this is the view of life that Taylor is showing her daughter is completely screwed up.

Taylor is screaming, Lisa is denying, and nothing is being resolved.  It’s hard to pick a side on this one because neither one of them seems sincere.  Taylor is having a nervous breakdown, and Lisa has a tone of dismissal that is annoying.  Then it happens.  Taylor turns off the tears and has a bi-polar moment.  She is now in total bitch mode and looking to take people down.

Taylor tries to get the other ladies to turn on Lisa but it’s not happening, so she bails.  She heads out and finds Paul loitering at the gate.  Taylor starts spewing her crap to Paul, and back in the house, everyone is now questioning whether Taylor is telling the truth about Russell, or making up the stories of abuse.  This poor man will never rest in peace as long as this show is on.

Sidebar:  Isn’t it interesting that when this show airs, and we see what a conniving and fake person Kyle is, she starts tweeting things about her daughter that are super cute?  Really?  You act like a bitch, and we are supposed to not think badly of you because of the all the cuteness with your little girl?  We’re not dumb Kyle.  You are mean. Own it.

The ladies all turn on Taylor in my opinion, and call out her marriage.  She seems annoyed by it, which is odd since she has been trashing her husband for a year.  Camille puts it out in the open that Russell hits Taylor.  This show is a clusterf**k.  I feel sorry for all of their children, and I feel pathetic that I watch this crap fest.  It is crossing boundaries.

Like all good train wrecks, I simply cannot stop watching. Every one of these women has serious problems in their lives and even with their money, and beautiful homes, I cannot imagine anything that would make me want to have their life.  Remember the first season of Orange County when it was campy and fun to see how the other side lived?  Those days are gone.

These women are more concerned with fame than they are with leaving an important legacy for their kids. There is nothing appealing about these women or the lives they lead.  It’s time for Beverly Hills to go away, or be recast, because watching them ruin their lives is not any fun for us. Bravo should do the right thing, and start keeping it real.