Gene Simmons to save the day

Kiss rock star Gene Simmons, aka Chaim Weitz, lectures at the London Business School on how to save the British economy and build a billion-dollar brand.  Sure, because our top economists and brilliant minds around the world obviously are missing the answer, so lets invite the make-up clad hard rock singer to clue us in. 

“We’re in a mess, that’s for sure…and it starts with the welfare state.  When the government becomes Mum and Dad and when people want free cheques from the government, the economy breaks down.  You’ve got to make money mean something,” Simmons explains to the ” title=”endorsed Rick Perry”>endorsed Rick Perry for the US Presidential elections and now weighs in on the financial side of world issues. 

This past Thursday night, Simmons spoke at the London Business School on how to build a billion-dollar brand, as part of the Gene Simmons Rich and Famous Lecture Tours. And he knows what he’s talking about, valued at around 100 million pounds.  “I make a living,” Simmons winked, as he informs the audience that it’s the pursuit of “stuff” that Simmons believes is at the root of our current economic crisis. 

“You know who’s to blame for the mess we’re in? People.  Because we’re greedy and don’t want to take responsibility…Just because you can buy it doesn’t mean you can afford it.  Never a lender or a borrower be.  It’s common sense.  But people don’t have common sense, they have greed,” reports the