The Real Housewives of Atlanta RECAP

This week starts out with NeNe, Kandi and Cynthia going to Miami for a little get away.  I’m not sure why Kandi would be invited by Nene, and by not sure of course I mean Bravo made her take Kandi.  I really like NeNe and these heffers better back off of her.  Jealously is not cute ladies.

The girls are in the hotel for five minutes and the talk turns to sex.  Kandi is pretty with long hair, and NeNe is on a mission to find a man for Kandi. Back in Atlanta, Kim is very pregnant and for reasons I will never understand, Bravo has decided we need to hear her pee.

She pees a lot, which is funny, but can’t they shut off the mic while she is doing her business?  It’s gross and ridiculous.  Kim’s birthday is coming up and she is going to be 33.  Yup 33.  Seriously, there is just no way this chick is 33 years old.  I’m simply not buying it.  No way.

Phaedra has decided to go into the funeral business.  She goes to talk to Willie, the king of funerals in Atlanta, to see how she should proceed.  She is such a pretty girl, but her make-up is insane. She is the most entertaining of the women and I could listen to her ramblings all day.

Willie is adorable and she wants him to mentor her, which is hilarious since he clearly thinks she is off her rocker.  Willie is formal and loving, while Phaedra is counting the money.  It will be interesting to see what happens with this.  Southern weddings are a trip.

Back in Miami the girls are eating and talking about how rich NeNe is.  Poor Nene.  It’s a shame that she feels the need to defend herself to these women.  I don’t care about how much money NeNe has, but bless her.  She can count it on camera for all I care.  Nene is fabulous.

Kandi is two faced when it comes to NeNe and she is waiting for something to snap.  Not cool.  Turns out its lesbian pride weekend in Miami and the ladies weekend has taken on a whole new meaning.  NeNe lets us know she is strickly dickly, and does not understand lesbians.

Sheree is shopping with her son Kairo.  She is talking about how shy and reserved he is, yet she has him on the show, and he is clearly not thrilled.  He is a very sweet boy and I felt for him that his shopping was put on camera.  Sheree seems to know nothing about him.  It’s weird.

She then says she is talking to her ex about him spending more time with his dad and it’s so very sad.  Why put her child on television and talk about how his dad does not spend time with him?  It was a selfish move and I lost any respect I had for Sheree.  Not big deal, it was not a lot.

Nene is looking at a house in Miami because she might move there.  Really? Not a chance.  It is a fabulous house, but she is not buying a 9 million dollar home in Miami when she could have an estate in Atlanta.  Not happening, waste of time, lame Bravo time filler. Cynthia is sweet.

The girls are on the beach in their bathing suits and I think Kandi looks great, even though NeNe makes fun of her size.  Nene looks great too, but next to Cynthia, she should not be commenting on other people’s bodies.  The girls are once again talking about sex.  It’s an odd discussion.

We find out things I’m not sure I need to know about these women. They meet a couple of guys and Nene is a little flirty which is cute.  She is separated and not sure what is going on with Greg, so it’s sad.  I like NeNe and she would be my choice of Atlanta housewives to have lunch with.

Sheree and Kim are having dinner and all they have to talk about is Nene. It’s odd that these heffers have nothing better to talk about than crap about Nene.  There is a lot of jealousy and not a lot of genuine friendships happening with these women, only Bravo made friendships.

Kim wants us to think her and Kroy took things slow, which is insane.  Phaedra wants Apollo to come into the funeral business with her, and he wants no part of it.  Her baby is a beautiful little boy.  It’s interesting that she has absolutely no idea what her husband does for work.

Kroy is taking Kim out for her birthday dinner.  She says Kroy knows everything, and she is book smart, but they seem to know nothing about each other, which makes sense since they don’t really know each other.  He is a sweet boy and that he is now connected to her forever is sad.

Kroy gives her a $22000 bracelet for a gift and it’s sweet, but her reaction was small.  She said she was excited, but it looked like she could have cared less.  Back at their house is a little surprise party planned with just a handful of people.  It’s sweet. I find Kim oddly appealing.

Kandi is gossiping about NeNe again.  She says that the ladies all talk about each other but she wants to stay out of it, yet she was the one who started the crap talking about Nene.  Kandi wants to appear to be the nice one, but at the end of the day, she is just like the rest of them.

Phaedra, Kandi and Sheree are hanging with Kroy while Kim gets a massage. Kroy is such a sweet man, or rather boy.  He is so young and charming that I am happy for Kim that she found him, but worried for him that he won’t be rich enough for her in the end.  Fingers crossed.

Next week looks fabulous and I can’t wait.  This week was okay, but not great. NeNe was on WWHL with Andy and she was great.  I like Nene and think the others are jealous of her.  She was classic NeNe, voted favorite ATL housewife, and as always, was keeping it real.