Manny Pacquiao Wins Over Juan Manuel Marquez – But Did He Deserve It?

I love Manny, and because of him I am falling in love with boxing.  He is a hero, an inspiration, and the welterweight champion.  I think he is divine and I will always be on his side, but the fight tonight was close. So close in fact, that one could argue the wrong decision was made.

Marquez did a great job and it was exciting to see the fight go 12 rounds.  I can only imagine how frustrated he was at the loss, but it’s a shame he stormed out of the ring when he heard the decision. It’s also sad that Marquez said he might retire after this fight because losing was so hard.

Both men were brilliant tonight and it was exciting.  I love Manny so I wanted him to win, but I don’t know enough about boxing to know if he earned the win.  If you look online, you will quickly see that most people think the win should have gone to Marquez.  Was he robbed of a win?

In the fifth round I thought Marquez was going to pull this out.  By the eighth round, I thought Manny would need a knock out to be able to win.  It was close to be sure, but even for a novice like me, I’m not sure it was called correctly. That said, it was a terrific fight and I am hooked.

Manny says he will give Marquez a rematch, but after three loses, all of which he thinks he should of won, I’m not sure Marquez will go for it.  It’s got to be hard to lose, but to feel like you’ve been robbed for the third straight time is brutal. Especially when you hear Manny say he earned it.

I don’t think there was any other choice but to give the win to Manny.  He is the most famous boxer in the world and until he gets in the ring with Mayweather, he is not losing his title.  It just won’t happen when there is so much on the line for boxing with a Manny vs. Floyd fight.

Had Pacquiao lost, the magic and excitement of a Mayweather fight would be gone.  It’s sad when you consider there is no Mayweather fight even scheduled. Anyone who fights Manny before Floyd is going to get screwed on some level because they will just be practice for the real fight.

These guys need to put all their crap slinging aside and set a date.  It’s not fair to the men who get in the with them, until they do.  I love Manny, but these guys are acting like chicks and need to settle the score already so everyone who loves this sport can move on and get some closure.

Marquez can be proud of what he did tonight.  He fought great and must not retire.  As for Manny, he is my favorite athlete and an incredible human being.  I am glad he won and can understand the decision to give it to him. Marquez needs to regroup, take Manny on again, and keep the faith.