Penn State: Where Football Trumps Rape – UPDATED

If my son were to win a full scholarship to Penn State, I would not want him to go.  I am so disgusted by what is happening there, that in reading all of the news stories, I find it hard to breathe.  How is it possible that a man was raping children, people knew, and yet nobody contacted the police?

How is it Mike McQueary was not fired along with Paterno?  He watched a young boy getting raped by an old man, and walked away.  He did not stop it when he had an opportunity.  He watched a child suffering, and chose to not interfere.  These men are evil and should be prosecuted, not just fired.

From my calculations, based on the current news stories, there were six men of power at Penn State who could have stopped what was happening with Sandusky, and not one of them called the police.  These are grown men, who knew of the vicious abuse, and made the choice to cover it up.  How is something like this even possible?  So many knew, but not one person called the police?

When I see articles asking about how the abuse at Penn State will affect football recruiting, or the football season, I feel sick to my stomach. Who cares?  This is not about football, this is about the raping of children. What does it say about our society that football is the story here?

Sandusky is being accused of raping 8 young boys.  Would the ridiculous rioters at Penn State feel differently if we were talking about their children?  I honestly cannot wrap my head around people putting the legacy of Penn State football ahead of the welfare of innocent children.

Every person who had knowledge of what was happening must be fired. If you think Sandusky raping kids is all that happened, you are in for a rude awakening.  I am certain those heinous acts are just the beginning of a bigger and darker nightmare that we cannot even imagine.

I do not know anything about college football, but that does not mean I do not understand the legacy of this institution and it’s coaching staff. I appreciate the history of Coach Paterno, but it does not matter. Mr. Paterno is nothing but a douchelord who allowed children to be harmed.

My heart breaks at the thought of the young kids who came into contact with Sandusky.  They were embraced by a man they loved, trusted, and idolized, and then he took advantage of them.  When Paterno, McQueary and the others said nothing, they participated in the raping of children.

I hope more firings are slated for Penn State in the coming days.  That it has taken so long is insane, but I will take it when it comes.  Someone needs to say enough, do what must be done, and make sure these children are valued more than a game of football.  They are owed that.

It would be great if Sandusky was sent to prison, and then raped. When McQueary has the crap beaten out of him, how will he feel when people watch and don’t help him?  Karma is floating over Penn State just waiting to rain down on these sick and twisted men.

As a mother, and a decent human being, this story makes me cry. To send your child somewhere you think is safe, only to have nobody protect them, is unbelievable.  To the victims, and to their families, you have my prayers and support.  Justice will come. Keep the faith.

UPDATE: Mike McQueary is in protective custody due to death threats, and was placed on administrative leave earlier today.  This bastard, who is the father of a young child, is on leave, having watched a boy getting raped, then turning his back and walking away.  How does that not get you fired?  The people handling this mess and screwed up.  Fire his ass already.