A Single Mom Weekend Retreat of Faith, Friendship and Learning

I was recently contacted by the BAIS CHANA ORGANIZATION about a retreat they were having for single Jewish moms.  It’s a brilliant idea, and I was intrigued by what they were planning.  It is taking place this weekend in Minnesota, and I was honored they invited me, but was sadly unable to make the trip.  I did not want the weekend to pass however, without talking about this important organization and the special work they are doing.

Founded in 1971, Bais Chana has been in the forefront of Jewish women’s education, and continues to offer wonderful opportunities to women of all ages, level of religious observance, and personal finances.  The goal is to enlighten and empower Jewish women to be the best they can be.  Being a mom is hard, and being a single mom has it’s own challenges, so a retreat like this is important and needed on a lot of different levels.

I have been a single mother since my son was a baby and it’s been hard, but rewarding, and I would not change my decision to divorce when he was so young.  It’s certainly not how I envisioned my life, and I acknowledge the changes it has had on both my life and my son’s, but it is the life we have led, and while I’ve done a brilliant job raising this child, knowledge is power and a retreat like the one this weekend provides invaluable support.

The women this weekend will attend lectures that cover a wide range of topics from finances and faith, to dating and disappointment.  There is massive disappointment when you are a single mom.  I struggled with disappointment in my husband, my faith, and myself.  How was I so dumb? How could my husband put me in this position?  How would I handle it all and stay true to my Jewish values?  All of that will be covered this weekend.

I look forward to hearing about the retreat, and hope to speak with women who are attending, so I can share some of what they learned with all of you. No single mother should feel alone.  There are places like Bais Chana available to help, guide and embrace you.  Check them out, and if you need help, get in touch with me and I can help you find support where you are. Single or not, kids are blessings and you are heroes, so keep the faith.