Does the Lord really want the Duggars to have 20 kids? UPDATE

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar announced today that she is pregnant with their 20th child.  I am the same age as Michelle and I simply cannot wrap my head around 20 kids.  I have one son, and while I would have loved more, I am blessed with this one, and by blessed of course I mean exhausted.

Michelle said she would have as many kids as the Lord saw fit to give her. Really?  Does God really want her to have another child?  One could also argue that God wanted someone to invent birth control.  I love faith and admire those who have such conviction, but this woman has lost her mind.

I’m also sure she has lost the original shape of her lady parts.  Can you imagine what that situation is after 20 kids?  Come on.  Her last child was born very early and suffers complications, so what is she thinking?  If she feels the need to please the Lord, why not adopt a child in need of love?

They seem like a lovely family, but this feels wrong to me.  I appreciate they take care of their own, are not on welfare, and seem to be a loving group, but on behalf of the Lord, who I have a tight relationship with, and her vagina, which I am sure is scared, close the factory.

Their oldest son has two kids so this baby will be younger than their niece or nephew.  I cannot believe the other kids are excited either.  The older kids are doing a lot of the work and that is sad to me.  Instead of completing the will of the Lord, stop having babies and just keep the faith.

On December 8th, Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby.  May God Bless her and her family during this sad time.