Adam Lambert’s legal woes

Pop singer Adam Lambert has been slapped with a lawsuit charging that he violated the rules of American Idol when he agreed to be on the 8th season of the reality show.

A new lawsuit, from Colwel Platinum Entertainment, alleges that he had a music contract at the time he auditioned and then signed a contract with American Idol which violates both American Idol eligibility rules and Colwel Platinum’s clause on “Music Services.” Now the company is arguing that they, rather than “American Idol” are entitled to profits from his interim success, and that Lambert has betrayed the company’s claims to the ” title=”New York Times Magazine”>New York Times Magazine, they haven’t listened. The Times reported on Oct. 14 that “Beg for Mercy” had been officially removed from the site although when they investigated, “Beg for Mercy” was still listed, at $9.99.

Hence the lawsuit from Colwel Platinum for false claims under the Digital Millennuim Copyright Act. 

So far, Lambert has been tight-lipped on the subject as have reps for American Idol. But the sirens of social media are too strong for Lambert to resist. According to ” title=”Adam Lambert: Jewish and Gay”>Adam Lambert: Jewish and Gay