Same-sex marriage: Coming to a theater near you

Rob Reiner, the director of “The American President” and “When Harry Met Sally” announced he is developing a new film on Proposition 8 to the American Film Market (AFM) on Sunday. But don’t expect an objective political portrait—Reiner was active in the fight against Prop 8.

A devoted political activist, Reiner co-founded the non-profit ” title=”account of the federal trial”>account of the federal trial of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the case filed by the foundation to overturn the gay-marriage ban.

In addition to appearing in the Broadway staging among an all-star cast that included Morgan Freeman and Ellen Barkin, Reiner was active in the court fight against Prop 8.

“Prop 8, if we win that, will be the last big piece of the civil rights puzzle that will be put into place,” Reiner told THR.

Can Reiner use the movie medium to win new hearts and minds? Some would say there’s no better way to affect change than through storytelling. At the very least, Reiner has an opportunity to humanize an issue that’s been emotionally blunted by a legal battle.