The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Watch Out Heffer!

The ladies of Atlanta are back and if you base the upcoming 4th season on the premiere episode, it’s going to be good!  Before I started watching I checked out the word “heffer” in the Urban Dictionary. It is listed as meaning: a fat bitch, or conceited girl with a bad attitude.  I think it sounds funny when used in real life, and nobody can pull it off like these girls.

The show starts with a very pregnant Kim and her fiancé Kroy, getting ready to move in together and have their baby.  Kim is sitting on her ass with Sweetie while Kroy works.  They a cute couple and I’m happy for them, but her talking about his ass for so long felt weird.  He’s only 25 and if I were his mom, listening to this wig rat talk about his bum, I’m be grossed out.

NeNe is getting a car for her son Bryson, who is a little too ungrateful for me. He does not seem to appreciate his mother, and it makes me sad because she is trying.  We all want the best for our kids and I really hope he does not disappoint her.  Again.  Important to note that Bryson’s earring is totally ridiculous and I want to pull it out.  I like Nene.  Always have.

Sheree is up next and it must be said that this woman’s body is insane. She works out and you can tell.  Her body is tight and she looks great. There is something different though and I’m not sure what it is.  Did she have work done on her face?  She is beautiful, but something new is going on. She is meeting with Lawrence, my favorite Atlanta sidekick.

Sheree is pissed because NeNe, the heffer, tried to take money from one of her deals.  They are going to make plans to meet to talk it over.  By talk of course she means sream.  I missed these chicks.  Over to Cynthia, she is starting her own modeling agency and has invited Ms. Jay to come and help her.  Ms. Jay is divine and he should have his own show, not helping here.

Cynthia seems like a very nice woman, but she is just not that interesting. We are now with Phaedra.  Her baby is beautiful and she is still with Apollo. Her great aunt has passed away and she is thinking she wants to get into the funeral business.  I love her voice, her accent, her vocabulary, all of it.  I find Phaedra to be fascinating, and extremely entertaining.

The model agency scenes are lame and I will lose interest fast, wait, already have. Kandi, Sheree and Phaedra are vibrator shopping. Why? Because Kandi is starting her own line of vibrators.  Really? She says as a single parent she needs to make money, so she thought about sex toys.  God Bless her, but she is the last one I would have thought would get in the sex business.

Note to self:  visit that shop in Atlanta.  Meanwhile Kim is in bed with an insanely adorable dog, and hanging out with her kids and Sweetie.  She says having the kids around is great because they bring her things all day.  It’s funny how they are portraying her this year.  She seems mellow, but we know there is some serious heffer just waiting for the baby to come.

Phaedra oversees her aunt’s funeral, and it’s very lovely and southern.  She looked beautiful and I loved her hat.  I think Funerals by Phaedra is a delicious idea.  It’s time for Sheree and NeNe to meet and clear up their situation.  From the moment they say hello you can feel the tension.  It’s not going to end well because it does not start well.  Sheree is cool, NeNe is hot.

Sheree’s ability to stay calm is amazing.  Maybe it’s because she knows she can knock these bitches out with one shot from her guns, so there is no fear. Sheree gets the guy on the phone and he confirms Sheree’s story, and Nene loses her mind.  Standing, yelling, and cussing, telling Sheree how rich she is. NeNe bailed, and Sheree goes out after her.  It is on in Atlanta.

NeNe leans of Cynthia for support and you just know it’s only a matter of time before these two turn on each other.  I like NeNe.  I think she is funny and entertaining and she better not let these chicks suck the joy out of this time for her.  NeNe says she has never been hated like that before, which I’m guessing is not true.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The best part of the premiere episode was the last minute where they showed us what is coming up this season.  It is going to be beyond good. Blogging can be painful with some of these housewives cities, but that will not be the case with Atlanta.  I am excited about the season, excited to blog, and wish all the ladies and heffers well.  I know they will keep it real!