The Madoff Family Continues Their Deception

I certainly feel sorry for Ruth Madoff that she lost her son Mark, but with that said, I think his blood is all over her hands.  As I sat watching her, and her other son Andrew on 60 Minutes, I found myself getting angry.  I did not believe what either one of them said.  Something is just not right there.

Ruth is very little, and sounds like she smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day. She is very frail looking, and incredibly dumb if she thinks I believe her. Andrew is in need of a haircut, and is void of any emotion in his voice.  If the goal was sympathy and understanding, this interview didn’t quite cut it.

One could argue that Andrew was in shock, but it’s been three years.  If he and his brother were in the same business as their dad, I find it hard to believe that they knew nothing.  I’m not saying they were involved, but it seems unlikely to me they could not have known something was up.

I don’t understand why Katherine Hooper, Andrew’s fiance, is profiting from the book they were hocking. This is not about wanting to explain themselves, but about making money.  Hooper is marrying Andrew so there is no way he will not profit.

If they want us to take them seriously in terms of their not knowing anything, why not donate ALL proceeds from the book?  It makes no sense that she would profit.  He is going to be her husband, and so he will make money.  It just feels dirty, and a continuation of the scheming.

I don’t know anything about stock trading, but I know what a Ponzi scheme is.  How could Ruth be married to Bernie for so long, have two sons in the same industry, and when he tells her what he has done, she asks what a Ponzi scheme is?  Come on Ruth.  It just does not make any sense.

Ruth says she cannot remember the day Bernie told them what he had done, and she also tells us she did not understand what was happening.  It’s a complete crock of crap.  Anyone in this family, with or without the Madoff name, is lying on some level.  Some big, some little, but all liars.

Is it possible that Bernie could have told his family what was happening in the afternoon, and the very next morning at 7:00 am he is arrested?  Is there not some investigating that would require more than a few hours before an arrest was made?  Am I the only one that thinks that is odd?

What if it was just two disgruntled kids?  Would an arrest happen so quickly?  If Ruth was confused and not sure what was going on, why did she get jewelry out of her house by mailing it to her kids?  Ruth is as much of a liar as her husband, the only difference is that she is dumb.

I think the arrest was planned long in advance and there was some kind of deal for Andrew and Mark to get off if they cooperated in getting their dad arrested.  The government figured with the boys “turning” on their dad, it would be an easy conviction and they would be spared.

The twist came when nobody believed they were not involved.  Did Mark and Andrew actually think we would accept they had no role in what Bernie was doing, and embrace them for being duped by their dad?  Was sympathy expected?  Were these two men as stupid as their mom?

Mark Madoff killed himself, and that is tragic.  Regardless of what he did or did not know, and he was unable to handle the pressure.  His wife would like us to think it was the pressure of being associated with his father, but I think it was the pressure of being just like his father.

She has also written a book.  Why does she get to make money?  Why does anyone associated with this story get to make money?  It is disgusting to me to see her on talk shows peddling her book, when she should not be making a single penny from the Madoff story.  It’s just not right.

Bernie says he is happy in prison.  He ruins lives and gets to live out the rest of his days with ease and comfort.  Ruth says she no longer talks to Bernie, but there is no way in hell that is true.  I’m not buying that they are not in communication.  She chose him over her kids, so she is not done.

A woman who can say that learning of her husband having an affair was more painful than the death of her child, does not just stop talking to a man she has known and loved for 50 years.  Ruth Madoff should be in prison, as should her son Andrew.  These people are a disgrace.

I am fascinated by this story, but I am not going to read any of the books that are written by anyone in this family.  Those books are a slap in the face to every person who lost money because of this family, and I do not feel sorry for the Madoff family, any of them, in any way.

This story must be told, but it’s the stories of the victims that are of importance here.  People need to understand the extent of damage that this family did, so they can see there should be no sympathy. Not the wealthy people who lost money, but the everyday people.

This is not just about rich people who got screwed.  If you’re a multi-millionaire and you lose a million, life does not crumble.  If you are teacher however, and you lose your retirement, it is devastating. My compassion goes to those victims.  Justice will come, so keep the faith.