Reality Television Blogging Updates: Abridged

I cannot believe how much reality television there is on right now.  Even more unbelievable, is that I am watching it all.  It’s exhausting, but I’m not willing to give any of it up, so here we go with an abridged update to get me caught up on everything, so I can start next week clear and ready to go.

Dancing With The Stars:  America got it wrong this week.  David Arquette should not have gone home. He was getting better, and totally entertaining, while Hope is a mess, and Maks is an ass.  I want Hope to go next week, then Rob after her.  I am sick of seeing Kardashians on television, but my dislike for Maks trumps that.  Important to note:  I love Justin Bieber.

Top Chef:  They are in Texas this season and if week one is any indication of how the season will be, Yee Haw!  This is a hugely accomplished group, and I cannot believe some of the things they made.  When they sent people home without even giving them an opportunity to cook, I knew we were in for some fabulous television.  I am hooked on this show and will watch weekly.

Survivor: This is the best season ever.  I knew if I hung in it would get good again.  The challenges are predictable, but the backstabbing is fresh.  Ozzy is a putz, Coach is kooky, Albert is divine looking, and Cochran is my personal favorite.  This week’s game changer with Cochran was perfection, I can’t wait to see the fallout next week, and I really hope they don’t kill Cochran.

Real Housewives of Atlanta:  The 4th season with the ladies of Atlanta premieres this weekend, and in anticipation of that, Bravo aired a “before they were housewives” special that was a waste of time.  It did not include all the women, and seemed like a desperate, last minute, time filler. Whatever.  I will be watching on Sunday and know it’s going to be good.

The X Factor:  I love Simon and would watch him on anything.  When Paula commented that there was only one season in London, which is apparently called “miserable”, I was thrilled. They are back.  Nicole is boring and I don’t like her on the show, but LA is cool.  America got it right sending the kids home.  This show won’t get good until they are down to the top five.

The Millionaire Matchmaker:  Patti Stanger is disgusting, and has yet to say anything original this season.  She is recycling jokes from her first season and it’s ridiculous.  Her show makes my skin crawl, and I watched this week just so I could say, with complete conviction, that this woman should not be on television and her show is offensive.  Cancel this show Bravo.

Mad Fashion:  This is an entertaining show and every time I hear Chris March laugh, I find myself smiling.  His team is fun, and their creations are fabulous.  You cannot watch this show and not want them to create something for you.  I love this one and think Chris, as Lisa from RHOBH for Halloween, was simply perfection.  Fun and relaxing television.

Fashion Hunters: I cannot figure out why I am watching this show.  It’s lame and the chicks in the shop are the most annoying women ever.  Karina wanting to buy everything is stupid, Tara being the fake manager is dumb, Ambria is a pathetic girl and her voice grates on my nerves.  Wilson is the only good part of this crap fest.  Not sure I will make it through the season.

I write about reality television here, but I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a weekly recap of “Revenge”.  I’ve not been watching, but have them all recorded and plan to watch it this weekend.  People really love this show so I’m curious to see what it’s about.  Not sure how I can watch another show, but I’ll try.  I’m a TV addict who watching, blogging, and keeping it real.