My Son, My Teacher, My Oh My

I love my son.  He is almost 16, and truly perfection.  Our relationship is not always perfect, but he is the single greatest person I know, and being his mother is a blessing.  He has always been a wonderful child.  A few bumps along the road to be sure, but I am beyond lucky to parent this child.

He has his learner’s permit and is driving.  I let him drive whenever he wants, and I drive when he is not in the mood.  The thing is, he has become very critical of my driving.  I like to think I am a talented driver. But my son would like me to believe that I’m not.  It’s quite annoying actually.

He comments on my speed, the location where I stop in an intersection, and my forgetfulness in terms of using my turn signal. It’s not like he is simply commenting in a casual way, oh no, he is militant in his criticism of my driving.  I used to laugh about it, but now I wonder if perhaps he’s right.

Could it be that I am not as good of a driver as I thought I was?  I could be a New York City taxi driver, and am the most talented parallel parker on the planet, but it turns out that those things don’t qualify me as a good driver.  I don’t really follow the rulebook, which is troublesome to me.

How many of us are good drivers?  Could we pass a driver’s test if we took it now?  I have been driving for 29 years but it turns out experience does not make me good, it just makes me old.  My son, my little baby, is a great driver.  In my teaching him to drive, he has become the teacher.

How did this happen? When did my child become a man?  It was only yesterday when he was asking me to tie his shoe laces, now he is telling me I’m not a great driver.  My, oh my, how things change, and how time flies.  It is fantastic and heartbreaking at the same time.

My son will read this blog and I dread it.  He will pull out his driving manual and want to quiz me.  He will laugh at me, do some mocking, and perhaps a little gloating.  He’s allowed.  He is my heart, and we both need to be safe on the road.  Can I handle the mocking?  I’m keeping the faith!