The Bitchy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

These women continue to embarrass themselves on national television and it’s fascinating.  I said I would not blog about them anymore because they were so pathetic, but there is just too much good stuff.  I have no respect for any of them and if I had to pick one that came off good last night, it would be Brandi.  What does that say about this group?

I’m going with a list of observations rather than a blow by blow recap because I can’t bear the thought of paying such close attention to each minute of this painful hour.

– Adrienne cooking is stupid

– Selling chickens does not qualify you to cook chickens

– Washing the chicken with soap is scripted

– Can anyone really be this dumb?

– Who keeps onions pealed on a plate in the fridge?

– Chef Bernie is hilarious

– Adrienne looks like Barbara Eden

– Lisa is not funny

– Taylor’s mouth is simply too big

– Kyle is a bitch

– A million sorry tweets are lame

– Dana is underused and wasted on this show

– Mohammed’s house is stupid

– Mohammed’s hair is stupid

– Mohammed’s girlfriend is stupid

– Adrienne’s spa is fabulous

– Strawberries on a plastic fork looks silly not fancy

– Kyle is evil deep down inside

– Just kidding

– Not really

– Adrienne would not have stopped the fight between Brandi and Kyle

– Who goes to the spa in full makeup?

– Do any of these women have real eyelashes?

– Why did Camille peek around the corner before going upstairs?

– Why did Lisa take a friend?

– Kim does not use crystal meth

– She is clearly a coke head

– And also an alcoholic

– And probably has a medicinal pot card

– Kyle went on the trampoline so her sister would not look lame

– Kyle protecting her sister makes me like Kyle

– I’m over liking Kyle now

– I like Brandi

– Brandi has balls to go anywhere with these chicks

– I don’t mind a chick with the vocabulary of a sailor

– I have been known to speak like a sailor

– I like Camille

– Camille and Brandi should be friends

– Camille is trying to gain weight

– I don’t like Camille anymore

– I want a tanning machine in my home

– Adrienne as the peacekeeper is lame

– Discussing your children’s therapy on television is not cool

– Brandi did not need to apologize for anything

– The bullying of Brandi is crazy

– Kim is high

– Kim is always high

– Kyle is two faced

– Lisa likes to stir the pot

– If we can put men on the moon, can’t we shrink Taylor’s mouth?

– You can fight with crazy

– Brandi is a sweet girl, shame she agreed to this show

– Brandi apologizing is sad

– Kyle needs to stop defending her sister

– Adrienne needs to stop interpreting for Brandi

– Kyle is still not apologizing

– Kyle is a bitch

– Why is Lisa standing there?

– Kyle is a hypocrite

– I’m on Brandi’s side

– Lisa is ridiculous

– I love the F bombs

These women are embarrassing to women.  It’s high school all over again.  To see that they are showing Russell next week is heartbreaking.  He’s dead, cannot defend himself, and on Halloween they are going to bring his ghost back?  Can he not rest in peace?  I’m over this show and of all the housewives, in all the cities, these people don’t know how to keep it real.