Bethenny Frankel Defends Herself With a Gag Order

I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago about Bethenny Frankel and her therapy session off the coast of Nantucket.  Apparently Bethenny thinks my take on the story is “irresponsible journalism” and has taken to Twitter and the press, to assure her fans she would never lie to them, which is not true.

Bethenny Frankel has bent the truth about her life for a long time.  She has spun so many tales that I imagine she doesn’t even remember how things really happened in her life.  She is wildly popular, and very successful, but that does not mean she does not lie, or distort the facts.

In terms of her tale about being lost at sea, I stand by what I wrote, I stand by Tim Russell, and I stand by my opinion that Ms. Frankel has twisted the facts of her story. There is simply no way it happened as she told the press.  The facts do not match up with what she is saying.

Bethenny told Matt Lauer on The Today Show that a gag order has been placed on Mr. Russell, which makes no sense.  Why is he not allowed to tell his side of the story?  He was there and knows exactly what happened.  He told me, and I know everything, so where is my gag order?

A gag order is an order, sometimes a legal order by a court or government, other times a private order by an employer or other institution, restricting information or comment from being made public. What is it that Bethenny is worried about Mt. Russell saying publically?  Perhaps the truth?

I am not jealous of Bethenny, nor am I paid by Jill Zarin.  I am a fan of reality television who is sick of this woman lying about everything.  I was surprised that more people are not selling her out, but then when someone does, they get a gag order, so why bother?  Why are people scared?

I would happily have a discussion with Ms. Frankel to clarify my story, and if it was proven that what I wrote was not true, I will then apologize, admit I was wrong, and post a retraction.  It’s not that big a deal.  Prove I’m wrong and I will stop.  What does she possibly have to worry about?

She is saying now that she will prove her story when it airs on her show in December.  With two months to edit the footage, I imagine she is correct, and we will see her desperately clinging to life in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, while waiting for the United States Coast Guard.

Bravo stood by Bethenny and publically stated what she said about her ordeal at sea was true.  Of course they will support her claims, she makes them boat loads of money.  Pardon the pun.  Her boat story will make them millions and they are not walking away from that.

I like reality TV, and I used to really like Bethenny Frankel.  I liked her on Martha Stuart’s Apprentice, and I loved her when she was a housewife of New York City.  That all changed when she went off to do her own show, and became a mean girl, who manipulated her fans.

Many of Bethenny’s diehard fans read my blog and have let me know they think I am wrong, and should be ashamed for saying such things about their beloved Bethenny.  Many people also read who have changed their opinion of Ms. Frankel over the years, and do not trust anything she says.

Not everyone agrees with what I write, and not everyone loves Bethenny Frankel.  Personally, I find her advice dangerous to women, and her storytelling to be based more in fantasy than reality.  That said, God Bless her for what she has accomplished.  I get her desire for success.

I believe had she not exaggerated as much, she still would have been a superstar.  The only difference is that I would have respected her, instead of thinking she was duping young women in search of fame, money and power. The truth will set her free and it’s just a matter of time.

Bethenny is spending a lot of time saying that what I wrote is not true, but she has not spoken in specifics about anything I said.  If I lied, all she needs to do is prove I’m wrong and it goes away.  Show that I what I wrote is lies, and she wins.  Instead she shut up the man who saw it all.

I will gladly go through my blog, point by point, and she can show me that it’s wrong, but the simple truth is she can’t.  What I wrote was true and I am not second-guessing one single word. I spoke with Tim Russell, and Bethenny was not honest with her fans about her adventure at sea.

Bethenny tried to deflect all the speculation about her on the Today Show by talking about Giuliana Rancic’s breast cancer.  Really?  When asked point blank about bloggers writing that she was not telling the truth, she changed the subject and talked about Giuliana having cancer.

For Bethenny to lean on this woman’s pain and suffering to distract from her lies is gross.  It was a sad to see her flail around unable to answer the questions.  Nobody can keep so many stories straight in their head and eventually the truth will spill out.  That will be an interesting day.

I will defend my words anytime Ms. Frankel is interested in taking me on. It’s not that big of a deal.  For someone who she does not take seriously, she is certainly spending a lot of time telling people she does not take me seriously.  At the end of the day I feel very sorry for her.

I am not on a mission to hurt Bethenny.  She chose to live her life for the world to see, and I’m just someone with an opinion.  The only question left, is if Bethenny, Jason and Bryn will dress up as MaryAnn, Ginger and Gilligan for Halloween. That would be hilarious, and totally keeping it real.