Dancing With The Stars: Carson Kressley Does Not Survive the 80’s

I loved 80’s week.  I was the age my son is now during the 80’s, and it’s a hoot to look back with him.  When I mentioned to him that I thought it was cool that he knew the songs of my generation, he said that he likes the “oldies”. When did the music of the 80’s become oldies?  I suppose right around the time I became old. It was a fun theme and I totally dug it.

Hope Solo:  I don’t get her and think her personality does not translate well to television.  She is bland, bitchy, and a bit of a complainer.  I like her, but don’t think she was a fit on this show and I’m ready for her to go home.

Nancy Grace:  I loved her in the beginning and I want to love her now, but I think she is mean and disrespectful to Tristan, and not in a cute and funny way.  She needs to relax and let him be the boss or she’ll be out next.

JR Martinez:  Give him the trophy right now.  He was good when the show started and he is great now.  I love everything about this man and he will be in the finals with Ricki.  He is lovely and watching him makes me happy.

Rob Kardashian:  He is sweet and I get that he wants to come out of the shadow of his sisters, but he is so boring and his voice is so monotone that I just don’t care about him or his dancing.  He’s sweet, but I’m over him.

Chaz Bono:  He was fantastic this week and I’m so glad people voted for him long enough for us to see that he can really dance.  I dig Chaz and I’m so glad he is in this competition and still around.  His being here matters.

David Arquette:  I loved his video package and music this week.  He is coming into his own, and is a great dancer.  Watching his daughter’s reaction to Len’s comments was awesome.  He should be top 3 and has my vote.

Ricki lake:  She is cute, loved her dress, and even though the judges did not totally love her dance, I thought it was good.  Ricki is going to the finals and she will kill it.  Loved seeing John Waters too.  Very cool he stopped by.

Carson Kressley:  I love this guy.  He is so fun and charming and while it was time for him to go, he will be missed.  This week proves that the popularity contest is over, and we are now at a place where the dancing matters.  He was fabulous and it’s a drag that he did not make it to the Broadway theme next week because he would have owned it.

I can’t end this blog without saying that Tom Bergeron is the greatest live host on television, and Brooke Burke Charvet is absolutely useless on this show.  I will never understand why she is even there asking stupid questions.  It’s time for Tom to host this show by himself, and also time he won the Emmy instead of Jeff Probst.  Just keeping it real.