Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Dana’s Fiancé Has An Attitude

Dana Wilkey is one of the newest cast members of RHOBH.  She is a little out there to be sure, but there is something sweet about how desperate she is to fit in with a group of crazy people.  I think she is fun, sweet, kooky, and on a mission to get famous.  Important to note that we’ve only just been introduced to her so I reserve the right to totally flip my opinion.

Dana is trying really hard to ingratiate herself to the other cast members, but is she worried about what we think about her?  Is she hoping the audience will embrace her and catapult her to fame?  If not, she better be because fans have clout and blogs have power.  The recent firings at RHONYC are proof of that.  We watch, and Bravo listens.

I read a lot of others blogger’s work because at the end of the day I am a fan of reality television, and I like to see what others think about the shows we all watch.  There is a website called Reality Wives, and they blog about a lot of shows.  One blogger in particular from this site, who I follow on Twitter @Real_Housewives, cracks me up.

We don’t agree on a lot of the shows, but she is respectful and sweet to me, and is open to opinions that do not agree with hers.  Unlike a certain blogger in Chicago who is a hot mess, this chick is cool.  She wrote a piece this week about Dana Wilkey and her fiancé John Flynn.  It was a harmless blog that included a picture of Mr. Flynn.

The following day, Mr. Flynn sent an email to the blogger stating that she needed to remove his picture from her blog or there would be legal action taken.  Really?  Here’s the thing, if you are on the red carpet, at an event, as you are in the photo, it’s fair game.  Your fiance is on a wildly popular television show, and so we are curious about you.  That’s how it works.

Welcome to reality television hell Mr. Flynn.  You are in it Sweetie and your picture is going to be everywhere, including blogs. To Dana, we like you right now so you need to tell your man to relax because if he pushes the blogosphere too far, they will turn on him, and therefore you.  Reality fans are serious, so get him on board, and keep it real.