Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 1 Recap

Last night was part 1 of the NJ reunion and it was good.  It was really good, which makes me wonder why Bravo felt the need to use week 2 footage in their promos.  We were all going to watch.  Guaranteed.  But the teasers for last night, included scenes from next week, so when we didn’t see those things, it was disappointing.

We’re hooked Andy Cohen.  We are going to watch so don’t disrespect us and tease us with stuff you are not showing.  Last night was did not need to steal from next week.  The ladies looked fabulous last night and it’s a shame Jacqueline did not show.  I was cool with her not going because she needed to take care of herself.

The thing is, she was on Twitter commenting on the entire show, every second.  If she didn’t want to go to the reunion, then she should not be telling us now what she thinks.  She bailed and so she should have kept her mouth shut. She had her chance and blew it.  Next week she will be at it again and it’s super annoying.  Shut up Jac.

The show starts with Caroline and Melissa on one side, Kathy and Teresa on the other.  Poor Kathy.  She totally lost the coin flip and was forced to sit with Teresa.  Caroline starts off by explaining that Jac could not come and face Teresa, and Tree responded with “Bring it on Baby”.  The tension is palpable, and lines have been drawn in the sand.

It’s Teresa against the rest of them and it’s sad.  Here’s the thing, this show makes me a little schizophrenic.  I go back and forth between picking favorites, and I can understand both sides of the fence.  In the end they are all crazy bitches, which is what you have to be to allow your life to be documented this way.  We are watching lives crumble.

They start talking about the cookbook, and Teresa says it was all in good fun. Melissa questions why she wrote about her, and Teresa says she never mentioned Melissa by name.  Teresa is on the defensive and ready to rumble. She’s too wound up to talk calmly, and Caroline is too mad to not attack at every turn.  Kathy and Melissa are ladies.

Caroline says the book was not funny, and tells Teresa to take her picture out of it.  Melissa stands up for Caroline, Kathy sits quietly, and Teresa is on a rampage.  Caroline tells Andy the book was the last straw and there were issues with Teresa for a long time.  Two years in fact.  She says she was “trained” by Teresa to not like Melissa and Kathy.

Teresa is calling Caroline out as a liar, and the attacks begin.  Melissa is going after Teresa, and while listening to Melissa I believe her, but the comebacks from Teresa, could also be true.  The fact is we will never know who is lying.  This show is not about knowing the truth, but more about picking your favorite housewife and sticking by her.

I like them all for different reasons so it’s hard to pick a side.  I think they are all telling their truth, which is probably a lie.  Teresa is mad that Melissa and Kathy agreed to be on the show without telling her.  Really?  I’m not sure how that would be possible, but if it’s true, Teresa should be mad at Bravo for not telling her.  They are who screwed her over.

Caroline tells Tree that she “crucified” Melissa and Kathy to this country.  Is she kidding?  A little dramatic no?  The reunion is clearly a gang up on Teresa show and it’s too bad.  I feel sorry for her that she is there alone, without anyone to have her back. She is there as Danielle was her last year, alone.  Karma is a bitch and she is slapping Teresa.

They show the christening, yet again, and it’s brutal.  Watching Joe Gorga in that show is heartbreaking.  His pain is just too much and it was the moment that I fell in love with Joe.  Teresa wipes away fake tears, and Melissa is sad that this is the memory of her child’s christening.  What will it take for this family to walk away from this train wreck?

It would appear Teresa went out of her way to exclude Joe and Melissa from the show and her life.  Melissa says Teresa never invited Joe to anything, and Teresa says that if Melissa was a good wife, she would have called her, right after giving birth, and helped mend the fractured relationship.  That comment makes me think Teresa is insane.

Teresa says what she thinks we want to hear, but it translates into lies. Teresa remembers things the way she had hoped they happened, not how they actually did.  Everyone is against her, and I get it, but come on.  She showed the christening show to Gia, Caroline knows it for sure, yet Teresa denies it.  I don’t think Caroline lies, so I’m with her.

Andy shows a video about how they all butcher the English language and it’s hilarious.  Teresa thinks it’s her language, which proves that we are dealing with a crazy woman.  Bless her, she is dumb, and being attacked, and I find myself feeling bad for her, even though I know she is a liar.  Her husband has given her beautiful children and ruined her life.

It must be hard for her to see Melissa living the life she once had.  We see a video recap of Melissa and Joe and I love them.  I think they are a sweet couple and I they are fabulous.  Thanks to Jesus, they have a blessed life, and watching them has got to hurt Teresa.  I think the jealousy Teresa has for Melissa is eating her alive, and it’s very sad.

Teresa seems to be unaware of how we all see her.  She says she knows nothing about the bankruptcy, or how things are going on with the legal battles, and I don’t understand how she can be so nonchalant about something so important.  It could be that it’s just too much for her, or maybe she is just really, really, really dumb.

Sidebar:  Andy and Kathy call Tree out for her comment on her Jewish friends, and that maybe Jews don’t care about marriage unless there is money.  Oy vey!  As a Jew I was not offended by what she said.  She is a dingbat and meant no harm.  She told her daughter to marry a Jew because they make good husbands.  This was just a stupid thing.

Proving that Teresa is dumb, she did not understand that Melissa and Kathy were paying her a compliment about how she handles all the pressure of the press, and she thought they were knocking her.  I am walking away from the reunion feeling sorry for Teresa that she is so dumb and in such denial about what is happening in her life.  Poor girl.

She goes on to say that Joe Gorga got his start in business because of Juicy Joe, and Kathy started her baking because of her cookbook.  I had no idea Teresa and Joe were so generous with their gift of business success.  Dear Lord, this crazygirl is so desperate she is pulling crap out of her ass. Business advice from Tree and Juicy?  Right.

Teresa has no idea how serious her problems are and thinks her little cookbook is going to save her from continued financial ruin.  It’s annoying that Andy is not pushing her a little.  He pushed Danielle for answers, yet is leaving Teresa alone and not digging, which is odd.  His show contributed to her problems, yet he seems to not care too much.

Nobody can talk without Teresa commenting on it, and finally at minute 58 Caroline has had enough and lets loose.  She says she does not understand Teresa, or what she is saying, and she is done.  Finally.  Everyone is letting Teresa off the hook which is too bad, but maybe it will be different in part 2 because we didn’t really learn anything from part 1.

I love the housewives shows but feel that my being a fan is not being respected too much.  Twitter gave us more info that the reunion.  People thought Andy was mean to Teresa and I didn’t think he was at all.  He was gentle with her when she needed a kick in the ass.  Next week will hopefully be better and we will get some answers to our questions.

If not, we can always go to Twitter, where all the answers are given and are current, not from months ago.  I hope Jacqueline will shut up and stop with the lame tweets.  If she had something to say, she should have gone to the reunion, which should have been a 2 hour special, not over 2 weeks.  Making us wait so long is not cool, and not keeping it real.