SinoSoul’s Tony Chen Names Foodaism a Favorite Blog

Thanks to Tony Chen, the hard-hitting maven at SinoSoul, for shouting out to Foodaism at  Here’s what Tony answered when asked what blogs he likes:

What food blogs do you read and why?

I’ve stopped reading “amateur food blogs.” I read, like, the Vanity Fair or the People Magazine of food blogs. I read Eater, I read Grub Street. I read quite a few Jewish publications: Foodaism, Jewish Food … I find the whole Jewish food movement fascinating and their obsession with Chinese food. Some of the best food writers are Jewish.

And he’s not even related to me!

Thanks Tony.  SinoSoul is opiniated, informed and not politically correct.  In other words, I like it.

Tony’s take on Ktown food, for example, could have sprung directly from my id:

Korean cuisine is a 2 trick donkey. Inevitably, if you go to a Ktown restaurant (not bar/pojangmacha), if you’re lucky, you’ll be offered 2 things: big red bowls of sop looking like neon afterbirth, or plates of self grill flesh*. That’s it. If interrogated, even Koreans will admit that is all they eat, at least in America. Anecdotal evidence provides panchan as not entrees, hence do not count in this culinary math equation of “bloody bowl + raw meat plate = 2 dishes in every Korean Menu”. A side of greens by the KBBQ grill negates this law, you say? Nope, that’s just an accoutrement to the 50% of all Korean dishes. What about dduk, the smart Korean kid from UCLA asks. Not enough close. It’s a meat vehicle which a Korean deploys as to not appear a Neanderthal when grappling blackened meat.

After 17 years in Koreatown, I can relate.  I like the neighborhood BBQs, and the treyfaterias, and the cold noodles, but even given the fact most national cuisines have a limited flavor palate, it gets a bit tiring. 

Anyway, thanks Tony.  And I promise to post more.  Now that I know you’re paying attention.