Green Passovers

In this morning’s Sacramento Bee, reporter Carla Myer wrote about bringing local, sustainable food to the Passover seder.  She interviewed me for the story, and was kind enough to include a couple of quotes.

Eco-awareness aptly joins the other layers of meaning for the Seder meal, said Rob Eshman, editor of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles. He writes its blog “Foodaism.” “We are liberating ourselves from being enslaved to the industrial food system,” he said, “and a diet that is killing us.”

Myer’s article reveals that this blog is the tip of the carrot: Passover, the ultimate Jewish food holiday, is providing the perfect setting for redefining our relationship to food.  As Myers reports, it’s happening in congregations and families around the country.

There’s no better sign than the fact that the only brand of matzohs that were sold out at Kosher Club last week were the organic ones. 

Have a happy happy Passover everyone….