Pre Passover… Tofu?

The three things I find hardest to give up on passover are pizza, beer and tofu.  Okay, mostly just beer and pizza.  Oh, and scotch.

But this salt and pepper fried tofu, which I had for the first time last night at Hop Woo at the corner of Olympic and Sepulveda, is going to be hard to stop craving.  I have never had better fried tofu.  In fact, this may be one of the best tofu dishes I have ever had.  And at a strip mall Chinese restaurant on the Westside—go figure.

It treats tofu like the classic shrimp or crab salt and pepper stir fry, with plenty of sliced chili as well. Crispy, light and addictive.  And $7.95.  Fill up before Pesach.