Milk Mandala [VIDEO]

I’ve been absolutely stupendously busy, and this blog, favorite of all my blogs, has suffered.  So here’s a quick fun post, because Foodaism teaches us that you have to grab those quiet moments where and when you can.

Running between meetings three days ago, I stopped at a tiny new-ish coffee bar called Profetta, in Westwood.  I’d been there once before and was moved, actually moved, by the skill and care, the intentionality, with which the barristas made their lattes.  This time I had the presence of mind to iPhone the process, and you can watch it, over and over and over, here—a Profeta barrista creating a perfect milk mandala that refocused and re-centered me before I went back on my frazzled way….

Espresso Profeta

1129 Glendon Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310) 208-3375

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