October 18, 2018

Is Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel dating Modern Family’s full-figured Eric Stonestreet?

Classic comic duo Laurel and Hardy managed to play off their opposite body types, so perhaps Skinnygirl (that’s her product line — Skinnygirl cocktail) Bethenny Frankel and Rubenesque Eric Stonestreet can pair up in harmony.

E! News reports the Real Housewives of New York star and Stonestreet, who plays a gay spouse and father in the Emmy award winning ABC series Modern Family, have become more than just friends. In addition to smiling for the camera together at the 2015 CAA Upfronts Celebration Party in May, and Stonestreet posting Bethenny’s photo on his social media updates, E! says an eyewitness claimed that Stonestreet took Frankel out to the ballgame on Monday when the Dodgers played the Phillies.

Frankel (44) whose Catholic Welsh mother Bernadette converted to Judaism before she married her father, interior designer Robert Frankel, denies the rumor that she and Stonestreet are an item, and ridicules the rumor they went to a ballgame together. She tweeted, “How did I manage to be at the Dodgers game and be at the Hamptons at the same time?”

Hey, when you’re skinny, nothing’s impossible.

Sightings of her with Stonestreet, in addition to hints of being happy amid the fallout of her devastating public divorce from Jason Hoppy, may have led the gossip columns to jump to a certain conclusion.

E! interprets her tweeting, “I’m very happy right now,” as one hint, in addition to, “I’ve really changed my mind on something. I think if you have great textual banter, compatibility is likely.”

Is “you have great banter” the same as “you have beautiful eyes”?

Bethenny Frankel, who has confessed to eating disorders and destructive weight obsession in the past, has denied that she is anorexic, despite having dropped a significant amount of  weight in a short span of time, weighing in at only 115 compared to her 5’6” height.

“I am thin. I have a brand called Skinnygirl,” she told the Dr. Oz show. She compared skinny shaming to fat shaming and stood up, asking the audience, “Do I look sick to you?”

Apparently no one answered her on the show, but there have been many comments on the internet concerning her stick-thinness, in addition to outrage last year when she bragged that she could fit into an article of her 8 year old daughter’s clothing.

As we’ve mentioned, Bethenny is going through a tough divorce, which has caused her considerable financial and emotional strain, and there may be a worry, that just as her mother turned to alcohol when her father left them, that Bethenny could be finding solace in compulsive thinning.

However, there may be hope that if if the dating rumors are true, the hefty, full-figured Roundstreet might smooth out her bony rough edges. Maybe he could hold her hand, take her to a fancy restaurant and actually manage to get some food into her, maybe a nice five course meal.