Macklemore dresses up as offensive Jewish caricature at secret show

Anti-Semitism is in our rearview mirror just like racism … not.

Anti-Semitism is rooted in ignorance. Stereotypes are reinforced as those perpetrating the myths have little to no contact with Jews.

Macklemore is lauded at the Grammys for supporting gay marriage and then pulls this stunt.

He needs to be re-educated.

Furthermore, every day the rights of African-Americans are pushed down further. Whites are trying to eradicate their right to vote and to pull themselves up by gaining an education. Yet the rest of the country shrugs its shoulders as the oppression continues.

As for those who believe people should pull themselves up by the bootstraps… Tell that to a child born into poverty. We have to help our brothers, but this can't happen if we all marinate in hate.

Take that Grammy back.