Simon Wiesenthal Center’s top 10 anti-Semitic, anti-Israel slurs of 2013

1. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Supreme Leader of Iran

“Rabid dog … its leaders … cannot be called human”

Even as the world’s top diplomats celebrated a tentative nuclear/sanctions deal that many believe will not stop Iran’s capacity to go nuclear, few leaders condemned Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei for his unabated public slurs and genocidal threats against the Jewish State.
Referring to Israel as the, “rabid dog in the region,” he added, “Its leaders look like beasts and cannot be called human.”
Throughout 2013, as the US conducted secret talks with Tehran, the Ayatollah’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hate flowed unabated. On the eve of Iranian elections, Khamenei declared, “Zionists” were the real power in the United States, updating the old canard of a global Jewish conspiracy. 

2. Recip Tayyip Erdogan Prime Minister of Turkey

The “Interest rate lobby” is to blame

Recip Erdogan’s tenure as Turkish Prime Minister has been marked by extreme animus toward Israel, historically Ankara’s strategic friend and trading partner. His mindset was on full display during two pivotal political crises in 2013. First, in response to anti-government demonstrations earlier in the year in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, PM Erdogan, blamed the public’s expressions of dissent on the so-called “interest rate lobby” — a term defined by his deputy as “The Jewish Diaspora.” Later, Erdogan also intimated that the Egyptian military’s ouster of Mohammed Morsi was instigated by Israel. Then in December, Erdogan and his media allies who blamed a conspiracy by “foreign powers” for a burgeoning corruption scandal, again deployed charges that the “interest rate lobby” had instigated the latest crisis as well. The New York Times reported that the alleged culprits named in the media were, the US and Israel …

3. Richard Falk UN Special Rapporteur

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird rebuked Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories, for his recent statement accusing Israel of “genocidal” intentions. Falk told Russian RT television, “When you target a group, an ethnic group and inflict this kind of punishment upon them, you are in effect nurturing a kind of criminal intention that is genocidal.” Falk has a long and sordid history of Israel-bashing and anti-Semitism. He alleged Israel may be planning a Nazi-like Holocaust. He justified Palestinian terrorism in terms of “the right of resistance”, adding that suicide bombings were the only way to inflict sufficient harm on Israel so that “the struggle could go on.”
Falk denies that Hamas is a terrorist organization, alleging Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip brought Gaza to “the brink of collective starvation, imposing a “sub-human existence on a people,” and that Israeli policies were “indeed genocidal.”
In 2011, Falk posted a cartoon on his blog regarding the International Criminal Court’s indictment of Muammar Gaddafi, with an image of a dog with yarmulke and a USA sweater, urinating on Lady Justice while devouring bloody human bones. Falk later acknowledged the cartoon was anti-Semitic and “apologized” saying, “…we must also make peace with nature, and treat animals with as much respect as possible.”
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has also condemned Falk for suggesting there had been a cover-up of the 9/11 attacks.

4. BDS Boycott The tipping point of global demonization of Israel

ASA American Studies Association

The whole Arab world is going up in flames and the American Studies Association (ASA) has voted to malign the only true, free society left on the map of the Middle East. This is an act of infamy; not only attacking Israeli academic institutions – but Jews everywhere. 
Asked why the Jewish state (not Cuba, north Korea or China), was singled out for a boycott, ASA President, Professor Curtis Marez, responded, “We have to start somewhere.” 
In fact, the ASA vote reeks of bigotry and a dangerous double standard. It exposes a willful refusal to condemn the real architects of the wall of separation– the terrorists and their supporters who cannot accept the existence of a small Jewish State among the 23 Arab states.

Roger Waters Co-founder of the band Pink Floyd

Among Israel's harshet critics and a leading BDS activist, Waters serially slanders Israel as an apartheid state, compares it to Nazi Germany and denies that the Iranian regime poses any threat to the Jewish State. At a time of resurgent anti-Semitic hate crimes in Europe, Waters used his status as a musician to denigrate Judaism when he affixed a Jewish star on a floating pig during his summer concert tour across the continent. Depicting Jews as pigs dates back to deeply-rooted medieval anti-Semitic canards. The Vatican's official newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, denounces Waters for his display of, “…unrestrained anti-Semitism.”
The United Church of Canada Poisoning interfaith relations
As Christians suffer in Syria, ethnic cleansed in Iraq, and threatened in Egypt, The United Church of Canada endorsed the boycott of Israel – the only Middle East state that guarantees full religious freedom and protection to all faiths. Such blatantly unfair moves hinder hopes for peace and reconciliation in the Holy Land and have the potential to poison interfaith relations in Canada.

5. Jobbik Hungarian Anti-Semitic exteme right party

The extreme far-right Jobbik party continues to promote its hatred of Jews. Marton Gyongyosi, the deputy leader of the group, called for a registry of all Jews in Hungary as a security measure last year. Now he has added Holocaust revisionism to his political agenda. “It has become fantastic business to jiggle around with the numbers,” Gyongyosi charged. He also alleges that Israel, “…runs a Nazi system based on race,” and that “Jews are trying to build outside Israel. There’s a kind of expansionism in their behavior.” Turning to the Middle East, Gyongyosi announced a series of upcoming lectures on the “Zionist threat to Peace.”