LeAnn Rimes, Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes

LeAnn Rimes was a guest “actress” on Anger Management this week.  By actress of course I mean she played a whore, which doesn’t make her an actress, as much as simply playing herself on a sitcom. Typecasting. In watching the show and hearing her lines, I honestly felt sad for her.  Charlie Sheen and the writers were clearly making fun of her, but she does not seem to get that.  Poor girl really is incredibly dumb.  

If anyone who helps decide her career cared about her, they would not have allowed her to do this show.  When she is so carefully watched and easily scrutinized for her behavior, to play a whore when everyone thinks she is a whore, it not the way to go. She is not a good actress and Anger Management proved it.  It also proved that she is an idiot, and with the epic failure of her record, she is now clearly desperate for work.

She is a child star gone bad, which leads us to Justin Bieber.  He is a sweet boy and I appreciate his talent and generosity of spirit when it comes to children’s charities.  I am a Belieber.  I love his music, and am not ashamed to admit it. I am troubled however by what a douchebag he has become. Also disturbing is his mother’s attitude towards her son’s behavior.  She is milking his fame for herself with a book tour, and it is gross.

I don’t care that he is 19, she is his mother and the kid needs a mom, not a woman who is going to keep quiet while he unravels and puts everything he has accomplished in jeopardy.  Justin needs to grow up if he wants to be treated like a grown up.  Forget about putting on his big boy pants, he needs to simply pull up his pants and look at what is happening.  Nothing really bad has transpired yet, but it is truly just a matter of time.

I feel sad for Justin.  He needs a helping hand and it is unfortunate that he seems to be left to his own devices, a lot.  I am not particularly concerned with the pot smoking, tattoos, or erratic driving.  He is 19 and he will figure those things out.  But peeing in a kitchen bucket and telling a President to F off is not cute, not cool, and unacceptable.  I don’t care that he called President Clinton to apologize.  Not enough. Not even close.

He needs to go to the hotel kitchen where he relieved himself, and apologize to the person who had to clean out his urine from the bucket for minimum wage.  Money and fame does not excuse this behavior, in fact, it makes it worse.  A young man with such privilege should stop to consider that he is rich and famous because we made him rich and famous.  It is our hard earned money that enables him to live the life he does.

I get that he has been on his own since he was 14, appreciate he is at an age where he is faced with difficult choices, in an industry where money talks and he is surrounded by people who are paid to say yes, but if he is not careful he will end up like Amanda Bynes, who is simply lost.  I love Amanda, and have since she was a little girl and my son would watch her on Nickelodeon.  I don’t understand what is happening with her.

I think Amanda is a lovely girl.  She is beautiful and talented and I really hope that whatever she is going through is temporary, and she comes out the other side alive, well and whole.  Even through this dark patch, she is still funny and I’d be lying if I told you I did not laugh every time she tells paparazzi they are ugly.  She is alone and that is sad, but I want her to know people love her and she matters very much to her fans.

We don’t know what is going on in these people’s lives away from the camera, so this not about judgment, just sharing my opinion on what I see.  I see LeAnn Rimes is playing a whore on TV to try to stay famous.  I see Justin Bieber is growing up too fast and needs his mother to step up to the plate.  I see Amanda Bynes is flailing and I wish I could help her.  Sadly all I can do is keep the faith that she can keep it real.